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 As a Fleet Manager for Samsung Semiconductor, Vyncs makes my life so much easier. I have to keep track of so many different tasks within a given day and having Vyncs track vital metrics of our fleet increases our efficiency 10 fold. I no longer have to worry about vehicle locations, mileage and service tracking, as well as speeding infringements. The low subscription cost per year, per device is a no brainer. This is greatly outweighed by the peace of mind Vyncs gives me."

global public safety_vyncs  gps tracker

 GLOBAL employs a team of professional Field Account Managers geographically dispersed across multiple states to meet with our customers every day. They drive a fleet of demo vehicles - sedans and SUVs upfitted with the latest emergency vehicle technologies. Our headquarters and area managers use Vyncs Fleet to remotely monitor the operating condition of our vehicles and safety of our associates. The Vyncs OBD-II cellular GPS sensors were easy to buy and install, and the hosted web application is simple and economical to use."


Global Public Safety is a single source supplier for sales, upfitting, and services for emergency and special purpose vehicles such as Police, Fire, DPW and Higher Education. They have upfitted more than 25,000 special-purpose vehicles ranging from police cars, specialized law enforcement cars and trucks to motorcycles and SUV’s to heavy-duty trucks. They work with numerous federal, state and local government organizations. Their primary expertise and focus is as a high volume, competitively priced supplier and integrator of emergency and special purpose vehicles, ruggedized computing, mobility solutions and officer safety all with customizable service and support.


 VyncsFleet is a great value for your fleet management needs. Easy setup, impressive functionality, reliable service, and dedicated customer support are the reasons we chose VyncsFleet. We earnestly recommend you do too."


JCI is a community-based organization providing vocational training, employment programs, and manufacturing solutions for Johnston, Harnett, Lee, Sampson and Wayne Counties in NC. JCI is not only a service provider, but also functions as a competitive employer and procures contract work from local employers to provide job training and skill development.