Top Five GPS Tracking Devices For Vehicles Comparison | Which one you should buy?
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Don't take financial risk. Use Vyncs patented technology.

Vyncs is Now in Ultra-fast 4G LTE!

Get GPS Data at Lightning Speed!


  • Real-time GPS tracking.
  • Ultra-fast 4G LTE Device. Not a slow 2G or 3G device(soon expiring in USA).
  • Dedicated 3-axis accelerometer for advanced driving monitoring.
  • OBD vehicle diagnostic data.
  • No battery needed.


  • Time-tested high quality product.
  • USA-based company.
  • 12+ years in business.
  • USA-based phone support.
  • In-account live chat support.
  • Patented technology*. Avoid copycat products infringing America IP. Avoid financial risk.


  • No monthly fee.
  • List price and activation fee give you 1 device, 1 sim card and 1 year of service.
  • 30-day free trial.
  • Offers both consumer & fleet version.

*USPTO 7715961, 8478514

Amazon #1 Best Seller GPS OBD Tracker!

6000+ 5-Star Reviews on Amazon.

Why use patented technology?

Avoid Financial Risk. Use Products Backed By Patented Technology

  • Vyncs is powered by patented technology (USPTO 7715961, 8478514). That means you are not infringing when you use Vyncs
  • Check if the product you are considering, use patented technology if they are not then they may be infringing upon existing patents.
  • Don't take unnecessary financial risk yourself or for your business by using products that may be infringing.
  • Use Vyncs, stay safe.

Why Vyncs is Better Than Other Trackers:

  1. # 1 Best Selling real-time tracker with driver alerts, OBD vehicle health data, and vehicle recall notices. 6000+ 5 Star Reviews.
  2. Best Price. Vyncs has no monthly fee. Other Trackers have monthly fee from $8-45/month.
  3. Track loved ones when not in a car using Vyncs Groups features - others don't.
  4. Worldwide coverage in 200+ countries. Most others work in US and Canada only.
  5. Vyncs does not need a battery. It is safely powered by your car. Others need a battery. Never worry about charging the tracker.
  6. On-demand location update for loved ones' Android/iOS devices in Vyncs groups (included)- others don't.
  7. Know your car's health problems with this OBD Tracker - other trackers don't.
  8. Know true idling for your car - Non-OBD Trackers provide inaccurate idling.
  9. Vyncs detects engine on even if the car is not moving. Non-OBD trackers cannot.
  10. Know true vehicle speed. Non-OBD Trackers provide estimated vehicle speeds only.
  11. Create geo-fence zones of any shape. Others only provide circular zones.
  12. Know your vehicle's recalls well before you receive the notification from manufacturers - others don't.
  13. Know where your car is when engine is off, once an hour engine off location reporting - others don't.
  14. Know which gas station is giving you better fuel economy - others don't.
  15. Keep track of your fuel fill-ups automatically (when it is supported by your car's OBD) - others don't.
  16. Small size - 1.75 x 2 x 0.75 inches -- others 3 times+ bigger.
  17. History for as long as you have a valid subscription - most others only for 30-90 days.
  18. Vyncs device is the least expensive but the best quality (thousands of 5 star reviews) - others 2-3 times more.
  19. Lifetime device assurance - most other 1 year only.
  20. Easy to setup using our guided setup in the Vyncs app - others are confusing.
  21. 2 minutes easy setup - others take 2-24 hours.