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All your GPS tracking needs for car theft protection & road safety
+ Vyncs' exclusive features.

Real-time Car Tracking

Coverage in 200+ countries.
No battery required.
Hourly update while engine-off.
Zone enter/exit alerts.
True speed limits on map.
Super tiny device.

Track Beyond the Car

On-demand location updates.
Indoor & outdoor tracking.
Only a mobile phone needed.
Group location sharing.
Supports iOS/Android devices.
Track in public transport.
Car anti theft device
24/7 Roadside assistance

Your Car's Info Hub

Vehicle OBD2 health alerts.
True vehicle speed & idling.
Auto-detect fuel fill-ups.
Vehicle recall alerts.
Unsafe/unusual driving alerts.
Unlimited history.

Shop Worry Free

Lifetime device assurance.
2 minutes easy setup.
30 day free trial.
Ships same business day.
Amazon's #1 bestseller.
GPS + 3 axes accelerometer.

*If the vehicle reports fuel-tank level data through the OBD2 port.

Choose the Vyncs that works for you.

Now in Ultra fast 4G LTE

Vyncs is the market bestseller real-time GPS tracker that comes with a wide range of connected car services -- vehicle tracking, teen driver monitoring, car theft prevention, family locator, and car safety services among others.
Yearly price + $39.99 device activation fee (only in the first year) includes a year of service and a Vyncs Link device.
No Monthly Fee, 30-Day No-Risk Trial. Ships Same Business Day.

Vyncs Basic+ 4G

  • Boat load of features on a new ultra fast Vyncs 4G LTE Cat M1 device
  • Samples GPS data every 60 seconds

Buy Vyncs Basic+ 4G

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Vyncs Premium+ 4G

  • Vyncs Basic+ 4G along with Roadside Assistance*
  • Samples GPS data every 60 seconds

Vyncs Pro+ 4G

  • Vyncs Basic+ 4G along with Live Map Autorefresh
  • Samples GPS data every 20 seconds††
VYNCS PRO+ 4G: $119.99/YEAR

OBD2 Cable

  • Optional accessory designed for Vyncs devices
  • Helps hide your Vyncs device
OBD2 Cable: $19.99

VyncsFleet+ is our real-time GPS tracker and the fleet version of Vyncs with many features for commercial fleets and support for more than 5 vehicles. VyncsFleet+ supports fleet dashboard, allows data download, fuel cost tracking, custom dispatch locations on map, scalable software and powerful infrastructure for fleets. VyncsFleet+ supports multiple sub-fleets with multiple managers and access control.
Yearly price + $39.99 device activation fee (only in the first year) includes a year of service and a Vyncs Link device.
No Monthly Fee, 30-Day No-Risk Trial. Ships Same Business Day.

Vyncs Fleet+ 4G

  • Fleet version of Vyncs Basic. Commerical fleet features.
  • Supports 5+ vehicles.
  • Samples GPS data every 60 seconds

OBD2 Cable

  • Optional accessory designed for Vyncs devices
  • Helps hide your Vyncs device
OBD2 Cable: $19.99

Sends GPS points to your account together every 3 minutes.

††Sends GPS points to your account together every minute.

** Vyncs Premium+ Roadside Assistance only available in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

* Collects data every second, analyzes, and sends update to the server at the specified update rate.

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1800+ 5-Star reviews online.

This device is a must have for any user, it is a great anti-theft deterrent and tracker of speed and performance! Also great for tracking miles for tax returns.

W. M.

I've been using this device for 2 years, Very easy to register. Gives peace and mind when loved ones are traveling, Near real time track. Can detect (through car's OBD port) mechanical issues (engine, emissions, etc) --- Highly recommend to use to track elderly driving parents (and teens) ...


Had loaned our car to daughter and someone stole the car. The police did not seem to be concerned about it much - until I told them we had a Vyncs tracker and told them exactly where was - in a locked yard. We were able to retrieve it right away.

Clark B.



5-Star Reviews



5-Star Reviews



Seller Rating




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What is an OBD2 Port?

The Vyncs Link device plugs into the OBD2 port of your vehicle. Every vehiclesold in USA after 1996 must have an OBD2port by law. If you are not from USA and you are not sure if you vehicle has an OBD2 port then please check your vehicle manufacturer regarding the OBD2 compliance of your vehicle. Thesedays most countries require a vehicle diagnostic port that is compliant with either OBD2 or other similar standards. The OBD2 port is usually located inside the vehicle under the steering wheel and above the gas pedal area. Please see the diagram below in order to find some of the common locations of the OBD2 port. The exact location of the port varies depending upon the make/model/year of the car.

Vyncs OBD2 Extension Cable

Vyncs OBD2 Extension Cable offer flexible installation of the Vyncs Link device. For valid Vyncs product warranty use only this Vyncs OBD2 Extension Cable. The only OBD2 extension cable tested and certified by Vyncs.
  1. Vyncs OBD2 cable length – 610mm. Flat flexible design so that you can place the Vyncs Link device where you need it.
  2. One end male and other end female OBD2 compatible adapter.
  3. Supports all standard OBD2 protocols.
  4. Useful for anti-car-theft applications that may require hiding the device.

Vyncs 12V Power Adapter for Trucks with no-OBD2 Port

If you do not have an OBD2 compliant vehicle (e.g. a heavy-duty truck or bus) or your vehicle’s OBD2 port area does not permit a convenient installation of the Vyncs device then you may use this Vyncs-12V-Power-Adapter to connect the device with a 12V source of your vehicle such as a cigarette lighter port. Please note that the 12V power source (e.g. the cigarette lighter port) abruptly loses power as soon as the vehicle ignition is turned off then you may not get the trips correctly. For valid Vyncs product warranty use only this adapter in a non-OBD2 compliant vehicle. In order to purchase this cable you must first purchase a Vyncs branded product or have a valid Vyncs/VyncsFleet account. If you already have a valid Vyncs/VyncsFleet account then you may purchase this cable from within your account under the Upgrade menu option on the top menu bar.
Price per unit: $29.99

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Got any questions?

Does Vyncs Basic+/Premium+/Pro+/Fleet+ GPS car tracking device have a monthly service fee?

No. Vyncs Basic+/Premium+/Pro+/Fleet+ GPS car tracking device do not have a monthly service fee.

What are the differences among Vyncs Basic+, Vyncs Premium+, Vyncs Pro+, and Vyncs Fleet+ car locators?

Click here for a detailed comparison of all of our car locator products!

Can I get Real Time GPS tracking with Vyncs Basic+, Vyncs Premium+, or Vyncs Fleet+ car tracking device?

Yes! Vyncs is a real-time car GPS tracking system. That means the device sends data to your account as the vehicle is driven. How fast it sends data updates depends on which product you have. Great thing about Vyncs is every device collects and analyzes data every second regardless of which Vyncs product you have. Vyncs Basic+/Premium+/Fleet+ car tracking device samples GPS updates every 60 seconds and send the data together to your account every 3 minutes while the engine is running. Vyncs Pro+ car tracking device samples GPS data every 20 seconds and sends updates together every 60 seconds. Update upgrades are available for any of these products. If you would like the map to automatically refresh itself, then you will need the Auto Refresh upgrade. Vyncs Pro car tracker also comes with this map auto refresh feature. For more information on these upgrades and pricing, please click here.

Does Vyncs device supports car theft prevention?

Yes, If your device has been plugged back into your car’s OBD2 port after being removed, get immediate tamper alerts on your phone and web account.

Can I use Vyncs car tracking app on my phone?

Yes, you can install Vyncs App on your phone. Vyncs supports iOS/Android/Alexa/Web.

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