Vyncs Groups

The only app on the market that let’s you track whichever vehicle and phone you want. Whenever. Wherever. Share location via phone now for completely free.

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Vyncs group screen shot
Vyncs group screen shot
Vyncs group screen shot
Vyncs group screen shot

Track Beyond the Car

Not in the car anymore? Don’t sweat it. With Vyncs Groups, you can track your loved ones with only their phone and make sure that they’re safe.

What's more in this App

Vyncs Groups provides just what you need when you need it in a secure and safe way!

Location Sharing

With just a click of a button, request your loved ones’ real-time location.

Secure Sharing

Only members can see each others’ locations. You can turn off location at any time.

Private Groups

Invite members to join your group with a custom code. Reset your code at any time.

vyncs group
Vyncs group

Add a Vyncs Link Device

Keep track of your cars as well. Vyncs is the only end-to-end phone and car tracker on the market.

Real-Time Updates

Get 15/30/60/90 second location updates for you car. Know if your car enters or exits a Geofence.

Vehicle Health

Know if your car has any issues immediately. Save yourself from those sudden breakdowns.

Driver Behavior

Are they speeding? Harsh breaks and turns? Know it all, right when it happens.

Fuel & Emissions

Know your fuel economy and how much you could be saving.

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