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Introducing Vyncs 4G Plus(+)

No monthly fee, real-time tracking, driver monitoring,

vehicle health, roadside assistance and a lot more.

3 Times Faster GPS Rate than Vyncs 4G
Ships Same Business Day.
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Vyncs GPS tracking apps & web portal_vyncs  gps tracker
Vyncs GPS tracking apps & web portal_vyncs  gps tracker

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2000+ 5-star Reviews on Amazon

Amazon's #1 Best Seller

Vyncs 4G now available on Amazon but not the Vyncs 4G+ (Plus) (3 times faster GPS sample rate).

Vyncs 4G+ (Plus) exclusively available from here.

Ships same business day.

Vyncs for Family

Vyncs for Family

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Vyncs for Business

Vyncs Fleet for Business

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Vyncs Basic 4G+


GPS Sample Rate

(60 seconds)

Our standard 4G real time GPS car tracking product for consumers. All our standard driver safety, vehicle performance, fuel/emissions reporting features. Supports <= 5 vehicles.

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Vyncs Pro 4G+


GPS Sample Rate

(20 seconds††)

Vyncs Basic 4G+ with 20 seconds GPS update. Live map auto refresh (automatically refreshes map as new data comes in). Ignition-on notification. Trip replay. Supports <= 5 vehicles.

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Vyncs Premium 4G+


GPS Sample Rate

(60 seconds)

Vyncs Basic 4G+ along with 24/7 roadside services (available only in USA,Canada, and Puerto Rico). Supports <= 5 vehicles.

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Vyncs Fleet 4G+


GPS Sample Rate

(60 seconds)

VyncsFleet 4G+ is our commercial grade 4G real-time GPS tracker for business fleets. Supports any number of vehicles. Ignition-on notification. Trip replay. Lots of fleet features.

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2000+ 5-Star Reviews on Amazon.




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location feature

GPS Location Tracking

Real-time location. Hourly updates even during ignition-off. Unlimited trip history. Geofence zones. Live map. Trip replay. Street address on map and trip table for ignition on/off points.

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track the car feature

Track beyond the car

Track loved ones with Vyncs mobile app even when they are not in the car. On-demand location updates. Indoor & outdoor tracking. Group location sharing.

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Driver Safety feature

Driver Safety

Monitor driving with alerts and charts from your phone and computer. Monitor vehicle's true speed. Rapid acceleration & braking alerts. Speeding alert. Harsh braking alert. Shows speeding locations on the map along with true posted speed limit. Ignition-on alert. Driver scoring. Records vehicle idling location. Device tamper alert.

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Vehicle Performance feature

Wealth of OBD2 Data

The Vyncs device plugs into the OBD2 port of your vehicle. That means, it does not need any battery or charging. You get true vehicle speed, distance travelled, fuel economy, vehicle diagnostics, emissions data, and many other useful OBD information that regular GPS trackers do not get.

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Fuel Reports feature

Fuel Reports

Gas mileage. Fuel system monitoring codes. Fuel cost reports. Fuel level reports§. Personalized fuel-saving tips. Emission report. Gas station scoring. Fuel scoring.

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vehicle performance feature

Roadside Assistance

24/7 roadside assistance in USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Includes free towing, winching, lost key/lock-out services, fuel delivery services, and many more.

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Vehicle Management feature

Business Vehicle Management

Sub-fleet creation with layered access control for large fleets. Supports multiple drivers for a single vehicle. Multi user accounts. Fleet dashboards. Stop time reporting. Custom maintenance records. Dispatch management on map.

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* Features supported whenever the corresponding data parameters are supported by the vehicle manufacturer through the open OBD-II protocol. Not every Vyncs model supports all features.

§ Whenever data available through the OBD-II port.

Get Your Vyncs

Vyncs Basic 4G+
*One-time $39.99 activation fee
Vyncs Pro 4G+
*One-time $39.99 activation fee
Vyncs Premium 4G+
*One-time $39.99 activation fee
Vyncs Fleet 4G+
*One-time $39.99 activation fee


No monthly fee

Real Time Tracking

Road Side Assistance

GPS Sample Rate

60 seconds 20 seconds†† 60 seconds 60 seconds

Number of vehicles

<=5 <=5 <=5 unlimited

Auto-Refresh Map

Ignition On Alert

Driver Monitoring

Vehicle Diagnostics


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Needs to upgrade

included + advanced features

Sends GPS points to your account together every 3 minutes.
††Sends GPS points to your account together every minute.
*Collects data every second, analyzes, and sends update to the server at the specified update rate.

**Renewal Fee After First Year: Vyncs Basic 4G+ - $99.99 per year. Vyncs Pro 4G+ - $119.99 per year. Vyncs Premium 4G+ - $109.99 per year. Vyncs Fleet 4G+ - $119.99 per year.

Each plan includes a device, SIM card, one year of data plan, and year of free services.

No. Vyncs Basic 4G+/Premium 4G+/Pro 4G+/Fleet 4G+ GPS car tracking device do not have a monthly service fee.

Click here for a detailed comparison of all of our car locator products!

Yes! Vyncs is a real-time car GPS tracking system. That means the device sends data to your account as the vehicle is driven. How fast it sends data updates depends on which product you have. Great thing about Vyncs is every device collects and analyzes data every second regardless of which Vyncs product you have. Vyncs Basic 4G+/Premium 4G+/Fleet 4G+ car tracking device samples GPS updates every 60 seconds and send the data together to your account every 3 minutes while the engine is running. Vyncs Pro 4G+ car tracking device samples GPS data every 20 seconds and sends updates together every 60 seconds. Update upgrades are available for any of these products. If you would like the map to automatically refresh itself, then you will need the Auto Refresh upgrade. Vyncs Pro car tracker also comes with this map auto refresh feature. For more information on these upgrades and pricing, please click here.

The Vyncs is a tiny but powerful device. The actual size of the Vyncs device is 0.9 x 1.9 x 2.4 inches; Weight: 2.2 ounces.

Yes, with Vyncs, your data is stored for as long as you have a valid subscription. Most of the other GPS car trackers store data for 30-90 days period.

No, we do not charge anything extra for the Vyncs device. Each plan (except Vyncs Mo) includes a device, SIM card, one year of data plan, and year of free services. For the pricing, please visit our page here.

Yes. If your device has been plugged back into your car’s OBD2 port after being removed, get immediate tamper alerts on your phone and web account.

Yes, Vyncs is a tiny device, it can be used as a hidden GPS car tracker. Please keep in mind in many states and countries, the owner of the car needs to know the placement of the GPS device according to the law. So, please check your local law if you are planning to hide the GPS tracker.

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