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Frequently Asked Questions

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IMEI not Recognized

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How to renew Vyncs service and how much does it cost?

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All of our products come with one year of service by default. If you want to continue the service in the second year, please pay the renewal fee at the end of the first year. To do that, go to your Vyncs web account or the app under the “My Subscriptions” menu option.

The clock for the year of service starts from the date you receive the device. For your convenience, we keep the device active for 14 days beyond the annual deadline and provide you access to the renewal page during this period. Keep in mind that the device will expire if you do not conclude the renewal process within this time.

If you have any questions regarding the renewal policy, don’t hesitate to contact the Vyncs Technical Support team by raising a ticket @ The renewal prices for Vyncs Basic 4G+, Vyncs Pro 4G+, Vyncs Premium 4G+, and Vyncs Fleet 4G+ are $99.99/year, $119.99/year, $109.99/year, and $119.99/year respectively.

I got the Welcome Email and clicked on the link, but it asks for an IMEI to proceed.

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Before you can continue logging in to your account, you will need to wait for the connected car management system to arrive first. Once your tracking devices for vehicles arrive, please log in again and enter the IMEI to finish unlocking your account.

Does Vyncs, Vyncs Premium+, or Vyncs Pro+ have a monthly service fee?

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No. Vyncs, Vyncs Premium+, and Vyncs Pro+ do not have a monthly service fee.

Changing between Kilometers and Miles/Changing your preferred units

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You can change your preferred units in both the web and mobiles apps by visiting your Settings – Units and Preferences.
Web: Login to your account. Hover your cursor over Support in the top menu > Settings. From the Account information page, find the Units and Time Zone Settings section at the middle of the page on the right side. In the “Select Units” field, change to “Imperial” for miles and “Metric” for kilometers.
Mobile app: Login to your account. Tap the menu in the top-right corner (three-dot menu on Android or physical menu button for older Android devices) > Settings > Units and Preferences Settings. In the “Units” field, change to “Imperial” for miles and “Metric” for kilometers.

Changing my email address?

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You can change your email address from the Settings > Account Information page.
Web: Login to your account. Hover your cursor over Support in the top menu > Settings. Find the Account Information section at the top of the page.
Mobile app: Login to your account. Tap the menu in the top-right corner (three-dot menu on Android or physical menu button for older Android devices) > Settings > Account Information

I forgot my username or password

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Go to the login page and click on the Forgot Password button. There are two sections: one to reset your password and another to retrieve your username.
To reset your password: Enter your username in the Retrieve Your Password section. You will then be asked for the answer to your security question that you set up during account creation.
To retrieve your username: You will receive an email for your username or reset password. Please allow up to 10 minutes for the email to arrive and to check your junk and spam folders.

What are the differences between Vyncs, Vyncs Premium+, Vyncs Pro+, and Vyncs Fleet+?

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Click here for a comparison of all of our products!

Can I get Real Time GPS tracking with Vyncs Basic+, Vyncs Premium+, or Vyncs Fleet+?

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By default, Vyncs connected vehicle solution will report a new GPS point every 3 minutes while the engine is running. If you would like to increase the frequency at which the device reports GPS points, you may purchase any one of the following upgrades for the device:

  1. 60 second GPS upgrade
  2. 30 second GPS upgrade
  3. 15 second GPS upgrade

If you would like the map to automatically refresh itself, then you will need the Auto Refresh upgrade.
For more information on these upgrades and pricing, please click here.
Most customers looking for Real Time GPS tracking will purchase the 60 second GPS upgrade and Auto Refresh together, which totals to $50 per vehicle per year in addition to the regular Vyncs price. Vyncs Pro+ comes with the 60 second GPS upgrade and Auto Refresh bundled together. For more comparison between our different packages, please click here.

How do I return the device and get a refund?

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Please visit for more information about returning your device(s).

To cancel your account login at, visit the Settings page, and click on the Cancel Account button.

Any activation fees paid within the last 30 days will be refunded.

For further information, you can chat with us and we will be happy to help you.

How can I tell if Vyncs has been unplugged or removed?

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If your Vyncs telematics device is unplugged or removed, you will be notified the next time it is plugged in. The device does not have a battery for safety reasons, so when it is unplugged, it is not able to notify you until it regains power. If your vehicle’s location has not updated in the last few hours, you may wish to check the installation of the device to ensure it is still connected to the vehicle.

I am having difficulties and cannot login to submit a ticket to tech support. How can I get help?

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Just go to the login page and click on the "Need Help?" button. You will be asked to enter your email, your device's IMEI, and a description of the problem.
For further information you can chat with us and we will be happy to help you.

How many vehicles can I have in my Vyncs account?

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Vyncs, Vyncs Premium+, and Vyncs Pro+ customers can have up to five devices and vehicles.
Vyncs Fleet+ customers can have an unlimited number of devices and vehicles.

Where can I download the Vyncs app for my phone?

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Vyncs app is available on most Android and iPhone devices from the links below: 
Android: Vyncs Android 
Apple: Vyncs iPhone 
You can also search "Vyncs by Agnik LLC" in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How do I activate my Vyncs?

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Your Vyncs vehicle tracking device comes with a quick setup guide. Please follow the instructions. For further information you can chat with us and we will be happy to help you.

Where can I find the OBD-II port in my vehicle?

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The setup guide you received with your device provides a diagram of possible locations your OBD-II port is located. Typically, the port is located underneath the steering wheel above the gas pedal, and is shaped like a trapezoid.
All vehicles built and sold in USA after 1996 must have an OBD-II port by law.
In Europe, as of January 1, 2001 petrol (gasoline) engine vehicles are required to have an EOBD (equivalent to OBD-II) port.

How can I determine if my vehicle is compatible with the Vyncs Link device?

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As of 1996, all vehicles sold in the United States are required to have an OBD-II port. In Europe, as of January 1, 2001 petrol (gasoline) engine vehicles are required to have an EOBD (equivalent to OBD-II) port.

How do I know if I installed the Vyncs Link correctly?

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Before installing the device, make sure your engine is turned off and the vehicle is parked under an open sky.
Installing the device while the vehicle is in a garage or under covered area is not recommended as it may inhibit the device’s ability to connect to the network and transmit data to your account.
Install the device into the OBD-II port of your vehicle, turn the engine on and wait for about 5 minutes. Turn the engine off and wait for about 2 to 3 minutes.
Login to your account from the web or mobile app and check your vehicle’s Location by clicking the Location icon or selecting Location – By Trip in the menu. Tap or click on the pin/marker on the map and a small window will appear that displays the date and time of the last GPS we received from your device. If the date and time listed was from the last 30 minutes, your device has been installed correctly!

Theft Prevention

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Vyncs can help prevent vehicle theft or alert you if it gets towed! Vyncs updates its location every 3 minutes while the engine is running (60/30/15 second upgrades available separately). Even when the engine is off, Vyncs will update its location every hour until the device is removed from the OBD-II port. If your car has been stolen or towed, call us and we will help you find it!

Contacting Vyncs Sales and Support Teams 24/7

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If you are thinking about becoming a Vyncs customer or are already a customer, contacting us is easy!
We are always available by phone or chat.
If you wish to speak to someone, please chat with us and request that someone contact you directly.

How to Make Vyncs Work in a Vehicle with no OBD-II Port?

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No OBD-II port? No worries! Take our Vyncs 12V Power Adapter, for example. Heavy-duty vehicles usually do not have the OBD-II port, but drivers and fleet managers can enjoy the benefits of our connected vehicle product by using our 12V adapter cable. Attach it to a 12V source, such as the cigarette lighter port, connect the other end to the Vyncs device, and voila! You’re all set!
If your vehicle is not OBD2 compliant, such as heavy-duty trucks or buses, or if the OBD2 port does not permit a convenient installation of the device, the 12V adapter cable will allow you to connect it via the cigarette lighter port or any other 12V power source your vehicle may have. Please remember that the device will lose power abruptly when you turn the ignition on or off. As a result, you may not get appropriate trip reports. It is also worth mentioning that the 12V adapter cable will provide you access only to GPS tracking features, accelerometer-based unsafe driving notifications, and speeding alerts. You will not receive fault codes and fuel consumption data.
To purchase the cable, you must first get a Vyncs branded product or have a valid Vyncs/Vyncs Fleet account. If you already have this account, you can buy the 12V adapter cable from within the account from the “Upgrade” menu option present on the top menu bar. The price per unit is $29.99.

How to Set up Speeding Alerts in Vyncs?

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Setting up speeding alerts in Vyncs is a piece of cake! It is one of the primary functions of our connected vehicle management system, after all - informing app account holders whenever drivers cross a predefined threshold. To do that, simply go to the “Settings” option, choose "Preferences," and select "Velocity Penalty Threshold" to set the threshold value on the web app. Vyncs will notify the account holder in the form of a push notification or anemail when the person behind the wheel hits or crosses the defined threshold. To get these notifications, set them from the "Settings" page. Speeding alerts will be visible to the user on their account in "Notifications" under "Driver."
Our app is available on iOS & Android platforms too. It is the dashboard that tells you everything you need to know about your vehicle, its condition, fuel consumption, battery, how you drive, and a lot more. Use it to set speeding alerts that you get in the form of push notifications or emails via the “Settings” option in the menu. The user can also check speeding alerts from their account in "Notifications" under the "Driver" option.

Learn How to Draw Geozones for Simplifying Monitoring & Safety Purposes

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Want to set up geozones? These are beneficial to our consumers and fleet owners owing to the fact that it informs them whenever a vehicle enters or leaves the demarcated area. To set it up on the web app or mobile app, choose the “Location” option from the menu. Then, go to “Last Location” and check the box to the left of the “Show Zones” tab present just about the interactive map. You should be able to draw geozones on the map immediately after. Just remember that you can create no more than five geozones for each vehicle. However, we allow exceptions. So, if you need more than that, please contact our tech support team or send an email to We will increase the number of geozones you can create. Vyncs geofencing is different because we allow users to draw them in any shape, namely polygonal, instead of the regular circular one offered by other brands.

For consumers:- Consumers can use this feature to monitor teenagers or senior individuals and determine whether they remain within the marked zone allotted to them for traversal.

For fleet:- Fleet managers and business owners can use geozones to keep tabs on their drivers to see whether they enter and/or exit the designated area within the designated time. Driver activity can also be checked as long as they are inside the geofenced zone.

Check Out this Tutorial on Setting Up Curfew Hours Alerts

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Curfew Hours - the phrase says it all! It is the span of time you set during which you do not want a driver to interact with the vehicle. As with any other feature offered by Vyncs, curfew hour alerts are available to both consumers and fleet users. To set it up, open the web app or mobile app, select the “Driver” option from the menu and choose “Curfew Schedule.” You will encounter a list of drivers you have assigned to the vehicle. Pick the driver of your choice by checking the box beside their name and select the type of notification setting you prefer (email or push notifications). Please remember that we offer this facility as an upgrade that our users have to opt for by clicking on the "Driver Safety" option under the "Upgrade" button in the app menu.

For consumers - Just imagine for a moment that you have a young son or daughter who recently took their driving test and earned their driving license. You probably would not want to allow them to go outside for a drive in the evening or at night for their own safety. The same goes for senior individuals with age-related disabilities or dementia. Therefore, if you set curfew hours between 6 PM and 6 AM, you will be notified via push notifications or email the moment someone turns on the ignition.

For fleet - Curfew hours for fleet vehicles will work something like this: once you set it up, you will be notified via push notifications or email if a non-designated driver tries to operate one of the vehicles from your fleet after hours.

One more thing to consider - curfew hour alerts will notify you any time someone drives the vehicle or operates it outside of their schedule. Find the option to change this setting to the right-hand side of the page.