About Vyncs Car GPS Tracker Product & Connected Car Technology
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Location, Trips, and Vehicle Management As Vyncs is a connected car technology with several exclusive features, the data comes to your account in real-time when you drive the vehicle. Browse the information on your computer or Android/iOS phones (from any wireless carrier, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint in the USA). The Vyncs link OBD-II car GPS tracker product leverages AT&T wireless network with a fallback on T-Mobile.

Our list of products:
Vyncs Basic 4G+

Standard 4G real-time vehicle tracking & connected vehicle management device for consumers available only on Amazon.

Vyncs Premium 4G+

Standard Vyncs with one year of roadside services.

Vyncs Pro 4G+

Vyncs with 60-second GPS update and live map auto refresh.

Vyncs Fleet 4G+

The variant of Vyncs is made specifically for commercial fleets, including more than 5 vehicles.

gps update GPS Updates: The refresh rate depends upon the plan you purchase. By default, Vyncs 4G+ comes with three 1-minute GPS updates sent to your account every three minutes but you can also buy Vyncs Pro 4G+ separately to enjoy refresh rates of three 20 secs updates sent to your account every minute with other upgrades such as 30/15 seconds.
geo fences Geofences: You can set up geofences from the Vyncs web account or smartphone app to get arrival/departure notifications or monitor teenage or senior drivers.
unlimited trip Unlimited Trip History: All trips appear in the trip table. Select the trip you wish to view the details of. Driver-specific trip reports are available in Vyncs Fleet.
street addresses Street Addresses: Reverse geo-coded address on the map. Addresses on the trip table will be downloadable in Excel-readable format. The feature is available in Vyncs Fleet only.
the device The Device: Dimension - 0.9 X 1.7 X 2.6 inches; Weight - 2.2 ounces. The device does not need a battery. Instead, it draws power from the OBD-II port. It goes to sleep after turning off the ignition but wakes up once every hour to report the GPS location to your account before going back to sleep again.
supported countries Where It Works: Vyncs currently operates in 201 countries. You can find the list here.
Driver Monitoring Alerts and Roadside Assistance We offer the following driver monitoring features:
Alerts: Driver alerts for unsafe driving, such as speeding, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and tight cornering.
High-G events: Vyncs has a dedicated accelerometer chip for detecting acceleration and braking events. These events are reported on a map displaying locations where the events took place.
Device tampering: An alert will be generated once the device is plugged into the OBD-II port after removal. The device does not have a battery for safety reasons.
Speeding histogram: This visualization lets you see how much time a driver spends in various speed zones.
Driver score & trip performance index: Each trip is evaluated from the safety perspective and assigned a Trip Performance Index (TPI). This value from multiple trips is appropriately combined to generate the long-term Driver Score.
Roadside services: Free roadside services are available in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico with Vyncs Premium 4G+. You can also purchase upgrades for roadside services from your standard Vyncs account. Includes 24/7 roadside assistance, free towing, winching, lost key/lockout services, fuel delivery services, and more.
Idling on map: Displays idling events on the map. The feature is available only on Vyncs Fleet.
Vehicle Maintenance/Recall Alerts & Fuel Management We have more for you: feature
Vyncs Fleet Automatic Mileage Tracker Vyncs Fleet 4G+ is designed for commercial fleets and offers many unique features:
Fleet dashboard: This provides an all-inclusive view of vehicle fleet operations.
Vehicles per account: Vyncs Fleet 4G+ allows an unlimited number of vehicles per account.
Street addresses: Addresses will be visible on the trip table.
Easy-to-interpret data: Downloadable data in Excel-friendly format.
Cost tracking: Track fuel costs.
Maintenance tasks: Create customized maintenance tasks.
Scalability: The software program is more scalable and provides a powerful infrastructure for fleets.
Time reporting: Stop time reporting on the map.
Idle time reporting: Report true idle time when the vehicle does not move, but the engine runs.
Sub-fleets & access control: Several sub-fleets with more than one manager and due access control.