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Stop Thieves in Their Tracks

Get Peace of Mind with
Vyncs Anti-Theft


Car protection with Vyncs

  • Notifications are sent the moment the device is reconnected to a car’s OBD port after it was removed.

  • Notifications will be sent when the vehicle is moved from its last known parking area.

Vyncs deter thieves

  • Real-time vehicle tracking and geo-fencing together keeps a vehicle in its designated location.


24/7 Vehicle security

  • Hourly location data are sent even when the vehicle’s engine is turned off.

  • Unauthorized towing of a vehicle is prevented.

Prevent vehicle towing and theft with Vyncs

  • Vyncs antitheft protection works by sharing vehicle location data every 60, 30, or, 15 seconds.*

  • Vehicle theft is prevented

  • Towed away or stolen vehicles can be recovered by tracing the unauthorized final vehicle location and the authorized starting location.

*(Depending on the selected device subscription plan).


Hide Vyncs device with a splitter cable

  • Hide the Vyncs device by using an OBD-II compatible splitter cable.

  • Keep car thieves from finding the device.

Keep your car safe

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What our customers say

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Works great and easy to use. Highly recommend!

Bought this for my challenger since there are a lot of thefts in the Mopar community. works great! no complaints and easy to use. Feels good to have a piece of mind knowing where my vehicle is at all the time. if you're worried about thrives breaking in and removing your tracker then would get the adapter for it so you can hide it inside the dash of necessary. you'll get notifications whenever the device is unplugged or when there is any vibration on the vehicle. I would suggest getting an after market alarm also for extra safety.


B Dub

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got this as a primary anti theft or theft recovery for my work truck. It is a great device and i have not had any issues with it. it also tracks any vehicle issues or poor performance as well as mileage. big thumbs up



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Peace of mind

Our truck was stolen this past winter. Seems we live in a high auto theft county. We did get it back after the thieves used it for driving, hauling, and then playtime which ended when they ran it into a concrete wall. Needless to say, it survived the driving and the abuse, but it did not survive the wall. Flash forward and we bought another truck. Brainstormed about how to make it less stealable. Using a GPS locator came up in our ideas. Did a lot of online research and for the money, reviews by others, we opted for a Vyncs. I added a Y cable to let me hide it in the dash out of sight. So far, I am extremely satisfied. Easy setup. Easy to use. My wife loves to check out where I have been, where I am, how much fuel I have used, etc, etc. It seems to be extremely accurate and updates well as you are driving. Unlike other types of GPS systems, there is no monthly fee. Initiation fee and a yearly fee, which is very small in comparison to other systems. Whether or not anyone ever steals, or tries to steal this truck, with Vyncs I sleep a little better knowing that I can always find my truck.


John Barnett

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