5 Surprising Uses of GPS Trackers for Cars
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5 Surprising Uses of GPS Trackers for Cars

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smarketingNovember 10, 2023

The U.S. Department of Transport claims the country has about 276 million registered cars, with around 91% of households owning at least one vehicle and almost 58% having two or more.

Cars are a massive investment, only next in rank to a house. However, it only takes a few minutes for your hard work and money to go down the drain. Instances of car theft are on the rise, which means you can lose your automobile to carjackers within moments.

One foolproof way of protecting your vehicle is to use a GPS vehicle tracker. These gadgets can track a car's real-time position and let you see its location at any time. GPS devices ensure vehicle safety, but these are capable of doing a lot more.

Car tracking solutions are a staple for businesses with vehicle fleets. In reality, these devices form the backbone of fleet management. Then again, these are not overlooked by regular consumers, either. After all, caregivers and parents of senior drivers and teen drivers would want to know the on-road behavior and trip history of the person behind the wheel to ensure the safety of their loved ones. These devices can also point out maintenance faults and requirements.

What can GPS trackers do?

A car tracking device can be battery-powered or OBD-II compliant. Once you connect it to your car, it will use Global Positioning System technology to pinpoint the vehicle's exact location.

Depending on the device, there may be other features you can tinker with. Yes, OBD-II tracking solutions are capable of monitoring vehicle health, gauging driver performance, keeping track of speed, and sending alerts if the car has been tampered with.

In other words, a tracking device has other surprising uses than just giving you the location of your car in real-time.

Five surprising uses of vehicle trackers

1. Vehicle security

Over 748,000 cars are stolen daily in the USA. In many instances, carjackers don't need to break in or hotwire the automobile because, surprisingly, the owners leave the keys or key fob inside.

As a result, the car becomes an easy target. If the device is in the car even after the vehicle is stolen, you can provide law enforcement with its location and increase the likelihood of retrieving it.

2. Teen driver monitoring

Parents, quite naturally, worry about the safety of their teenagers when they drive. Lack of adequate experience combined with a greater likelihood of speeding contributes to accidents - the leading cause of teen death in America. Parents may also wonder where their kids are if they are late.

For newly licensed teen drivers, GPS trackers can provide trip statistics to help parents monitor driving and address any problems they notice.

3. Fleet management

Fleet management is not easy. Thankfully, the technology incorporated in a GPS tracker for vehicles can simplify your work. These devices allow fleet managers to monitor the entire fleet through their smartphones and computers and communicate with their drivers.

4. Insurance premium reduction

Businesses with vehicle fleets require insurance. This insurance covers automotive damage and theft by compensating the fleet manager when one or more vehicles are stolen by carjackers.

Insurance firms usually charge hefty premiums to provide theft coverage. However, they also offer worthwhile discounts for automobiles with tracking systems installed. After all, such a solution ensures easy recovery of stolen vehicles.

You must set up tracking systems for your entire fleet if you hope to save money every year. Additionally, it lets you avoid the hassle of going back and forth searching for compensation should you lose your automobile to carjackers.

5. Maintenance and diagnostics

Timely and proper maintenance is the key to keeping your vehicles in perfect condition and increasing longevity. Then again, it can be challenging to keep track of maintenance schedules if you manage a large fleet or for a busy individual.

A modern GPS tracker for a car can offer routine diagnostics. You receive comprehensive details on your automobile's condition. They also alert you if you encounter an issue with a specific part.

This feature will ensure that you keep your car or business vehicle fleet in pristine condition at all times. You will also save a significant sum of money on repairs as your car will not break down as often.

Wrapping it up

The number of ways businesses and individuals use GPS devices is growing rapidly. As humanity continues to seek out ways of improving transportation and communication, the GPS vehicle tracker has become a crucial tool for everyone.

Connected vehicle solutions don't just allow businesses to locate their fleets in real time and monitor driver behavior but also allow consumers to keep their vehicles in top-notch condition and get help during emergencies.

Such is the power of Vyncs!