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Our team is working on making your transition from Automatic to Vyncs smoother than ever-- from data importing to reporting. We're the best GPS tracking connected car product in the market and here is why.

  1. Vyncs has no monthly fee. Other Trackers have monthly fee from $8-45/mo.
  2. Worldwide coverage - most others US and Canada only.
  3. No battery is ever needed, powered by your car, others do need a battery.
  4. Track loved ones anywhere even when they're not in a car using Vyncs Groups- others don’t have this feature.
  5. On-demand location update for loved ones’ Android/iOS devices in Vyncs groups (included)– others don’t.
  6. Know your car’s health problems with this OBD Tracker – other trackers don’t.
  7. Know true idling for your car – Non-OBD Trackers provide inaccurate idling.
  8. Know where your car is when engine is off, once an hour engine off location reporting – others don’t.
  9. Know true vehicle speed – Non-OBD Trackers provide estimated vehicle speeds only.
  10. Create geo-fence zones of any shape – others only provide circular zones.
  11. Know your vehicle’s recalls well before you receive the notification from manufacturers – others don’t.
  12. Know which gas station is giving you better fuel economy – others don’t.
  13. Keep track of your fuel/gas costs automatically (when it is supported by your car's OBD) -- others don't.
  14. Small size - 1.75 x 2 x 0.75 inches -- others 3 times+ bigger.
  15. History for as long as you have a valid subscription - most others only for 30-90 days.
  16. Vyncs device is the least expensive but the best quality (thousands of 5 star reviews) – others 2-3 times more.
  17. Lifetime device assurance - most other 1 year only.
  18. Easy to setup using our guided setup in the Vyncs app – others are confusing.
  19. 2 minute easy setup - others take 2-24 hours.

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Excellent Replacement

"I have only had my Vyncs device for a week and it functions as advertised. The setup and functionality of this device is great. It has exceeded all my expectations for all that is does. This is a replacement for a similar device (Automatic CCA) that will be discontinuing its services. I would recommend this device not only for the GPS features, but also for knowing what your vehicle's health status maybe at any given time."
L J Togans
5.0 out of 5 stars
May 20, 2020

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