Vyncs for Heroes

Free Vyncs devices with 1 year of service to emergency service providers who are bravely serving their communities in our fight against COVID-19.

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Giving back to our community's heroes: free Vyncs devices

Vyncs is with you in the trench supporting our fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Our teams are working 24/7 to assist healthcare, law-enforcement, and fire departments in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering free Vyncs devices.

If you are from a healthcare, law-enforcement, and fire department and you think your organization could benefit from Vyncs, please send us an email at sales@vyncs.com with the name of your organization and how Vyncs would help you and your community.

Vyncs donates free devices and services to
Union City Ohio Police Department.

"We are a public safety department (fire/EMS & Police). We would benefit by keeping track of all of our assets. Currently we do multiple emergency and non emergency transports." --- Mark S. Ater Jr., Chief of Police & Director of Public Safety, Union City Ohio Police Department.