Vyncs OBD-II Extension Cable | Flexible installation | Vyncs GPS Tracker
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Vyncs OBD-II Extension Cable

Vyncs OBD-II Extension Cable

Vyncs OBD-II Extension Cable is available for both consumer household applications and commercial fleets.

Product Details

●Vyncs OBD-II Extension Cable for flexible installation of the Vyncs gps tracker. For valid Vyncs product warranty use only this Vyncs OBD-II Extension Cable. The only OBD-II extension cable tested and certified by Vyncs.

●Vyncs OBD-II cable length – 610mm. Flat flexible design so that you can place the Vyncs Link device where you need it.

●One end male and other end female OBD-II compatible adapter.

●Supports all standard OBD-II protocols.

●Use only this Vyncs certified cable with your Vyncs device for valid warranty of the Vyncs product.

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