Introducing: Vyncs Groups
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Introducing: Vyncs Groups

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jguptaJuly 25, 2019

As days pass, all the new technology has made us wonder about the safety of our loved ones. While we’re more connected than ever, sometimes we feel even further away from our loved ones. When we don’t receive a text about their whereabouts, it makes us feel concerned.

“Where are they?”

“How far are they?”

“When will they be back?”

All these questions tend to make us worry even more, and while you’ll always be a little bit anxious, Vyncs Groups will definitely help ease your qualms. Introducing the all-new Vyncs Groups app for your Android or iOS phone. It’s your one-stop app for real-time location sharing with your loved ones without using any additional GPS device.

You must be wondering. What is Vyncs Groups? For starters, it’s an app made by the company Agnik LLC, the manufacturer of Vyncs GPS tracker for cars and fleets. It can be installed on your phone and provides real-time location updates.

About Vyncs Groups:

Now forget about a GPS device for tracking and monitoring your loved ones.

As we learned, Vyncs Groups is an app that provides real-time monitoring of your loved ones.

It’s quite easy to use for keeping an eye out for the people you love. Now no more waiting around. Just install and check in with them whenever you need to.

You will get instant updates on your phone and never lose track of your loved ones, friends and family members because, with the Vyncs Family Locator app, you can monitor them on the go.

It’s now easier than ever to stay connected with your friends and family and keep them safe.

How It Works:

Vyncs Groups lets you create a group and invite your loved ones with a custom group code that you can reset at any time. Send the code to anyone and once they enter the code into the Vyncs app on their phone, they’ll become a member as well! This custom code enables group members to locate each other, anytime anywhere. You are also able to turn location sharing on and off whenever you would like to, for any group.

There is also a feature in the Vyncs Groups app known as “On-Demand” which allows you to request a location update of any group member with a simple click of a button.

With 3G/4G technology and simple, easy-to-use design, the all-new Vyncs Groups feature on the Vyncs app makes it super easy to locate your loved ones.

Why Should You Install Vyncs Groups?:

One question that might be left in your head is, why do I even need to install this app? Well, the most basic answer is SAFETY.

Vyncs Groups helps us to stay connected with our loved ones without constantly bickering with them to know where they are..

In short, just don’t worry. Vyncs Groups has got your back and your loved ones’. Live life as it should be: in the moment.