Supply Chain Management Tips For New Fleet Managers
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Supply Chain Management Tips For New Fleet Managers

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TrackingAndSafetyJune 18, 2024

Supply chain disruptions leave businesses from all sectors in ruins, especially in this connected world. Hence, it is natural for businesses to hire dedicated personnel who would be tasked to manage in-house fleets and their accompanying supply chains.

However, when a person is new to the world of supply chain and fleet management, it is natural for them to feel overwhelmed. The life of a fleet manager can become easy by several folds given they follow certain tips. The sections below will shine a light on some of those tips.

Here goes.

Fleet management automation solutions should be embraced with open arms

Fleet management solutions benefit the logistics and supply chain sectors in several ways which is why they should be embraced with open arms. For instance, tracking fleet truck maintenance sessions, evaluating gas stations, etc. become seamless when fleet management solutions are implemented in a business by its in-house fleet manager. Additionally, without fleet management solutions, fleet managers cannot keep a close watch on how fleet vehicles are being used by their assigned drivers. This is one of the many mistakes that can be avoided with GPS fleet trackers.

Hiring and retention of talent should be prioritized

A supply chain that has been properly planned would still fail in trying times if talented drivers are not there to man the proverbial battle stations!

One of the primary fleet manager roles and responsibilities is ensuring the right talent is hired at the right time. Additionally, the fleet manager would have to ensure that the talent is retained. Fleet driver retention goes up in businesses that use solutions like fleet tracking devices. An OBD tracker for fleet logs the exact number of hours a driver puts behind the wheel. Additionally, fleet trackers also help managers ensure the vehicles allotted to the most talented drivers do not have any electromechanical issues. In this way, job satisfaction among fleet vehicle drivers will go up and a business will be able to retain talent longer than their rivals.

Building robust delivery networks can help

Supply chains get disrupted whenever they are struck by natural disasters, geopolitical events, or labor unrests. To keep such instances at bay, a fleet manager should use a GPS fleet management system and use modern features like load planning. Additionally, if a business chooses to buy used fleet vehicles instead of new fleet vehicles, the accompanying delivery network is bound to crumble due to issues with a used fleet vehicle’s engine. To keep the delivery network up and running even when fleet vehicles are breaking down mid-delivery, fleet managers need to start using connected vehicle solutions pronto!

Fleet management disruptions can be mitigated with fleet tracking technology

Disruptions in the supply chain are an inevitable part of running a business in this connected world. However, the issue can be addressed when real-time fleet tracking solutions are adopted and readily implemented by businesses. Solutions like GPS trackers for fleets offer additional benefits to businesses and fleet managers such as reduction of overhead costs and increasing driver as well as vehicle safety. To sum it all up, if a business doesn’t adopt connected vehicle solutions in this connected age then it will not remain relevant in the long run. It is that simple!