Spark Plugs 101: Importance and Timely Replacement Benefits
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Spark Plugs 101: Importance and Timely Replacement Benefits

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TrackingAndSafetyJune 24, 2024

Spark Plugs – Their Importance And Benefits Of On-Time Replacement

Without spark plugs, internal combustion engine-powered vehicles won’t even start let alone move from a standstill. There could be instances where in a multi-cylinder engine, one of the many spark plugs is functional while the rest are dead. In such cases, cold-starts would become next to impossible as well as misfires will become a common issue. Sure a car tracking device with connected vehicle capabilities can help you diagnose what exactly is wrong with your vehicle, but until the worn-out spark plugs are not replaced with new ones, the lingering issues won’t go away.

So what exactly are spark plugs?

Spark plugs are small devices that are capable of generating powerful sparks

What’s the function of a spark plug in an internal combustion engine?

You can surely drive and own a vehicle without a connected vehicle device, but you cannot drive a car without spark plugs.

Spark plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber of an engine. This is the first step in the combustion process of an internal combustion engine. After the air-fuel mixture is ignited, the controlled explosion drives the pistons of the engine downwards, thereby initiating a continuous cycle of suction, compression, explosion, and exhaust.

Working principle of a spark plug

Just like an OBD-compliant GPS tracking device that helps you track the real-time fuel consumption of your vehicle, the spark plugs of your vehicle start working only after you turn the ignition key of your vehicle.

As soon as you turn the ignition key of your vehicle, electricity from your vehicle’s battery powers the induction coil inside its engine. This coil is responsible for converting the electricity from your vehicle’s 12-volt battery to approximately 45,000 volts so that the spark plugs can generate the sparks which kick starts the combustion cycle of the engine.

Just like a connected vehicle management system device is the norm for a modern vehicle owner like you, spark plugs have been the norm for the automobile sector since time immemorial.

Signs of faulty spark plugs

Even the best OBD GPS trackers won’t help you keep your vehicle in its prime operational condition if the spark plugs within its engine are failing.

So how can you tell as a vehicle owner that the spark plugs in your vehicle are on their way out?

Well, all you have to do is look for the following signs.

  • You are hearing a constant rattling sound coming out of your vehicle’s engine – a sign that the spark plugs are firing at the wrong time
  • Cold starting your vehicle is a jerky experience!
  • The overall performance of the engine (in terms of acceleration) is reduced by a significant margin
  • Your vehicle is consuming more fuel than it should – you are trying your best to reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption by track your driving habits but still, a lot of fuel is being wasted and emitted out through the tailpipe unburnt since the spark plugs are unable to burn the fuel properly.

Benefits of on-time spark plug replacements

On-time spark plug replacements have several benefits associated with it and they are as follows.

  • The combustion cycle of your engine will be optimal
  • Your car will run more miles per gallon of fuel
  • Cold starts will be effortless
  • Your vehicle will emit fewer harmful elements from its tailpipe

Faulty spark plugs should be replaced expeditiously

As soon as you notice the primary signs of faulty spark plugs, take your vehicle to the nearest service center and get the old units replaced with new ones. Being one of the primary electromechanical components in an engine, the spark plugs in your vehicle need to be in their prime. You do not want your vehicle to completely break down in the middle of nowhere now do you?