Reasons Why Panoramic Sunroofs Are Bad
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Reasons Why Panoramic Sunroofs Are Bad

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TrackingAndSafetyJune 20, 2024

Having a glass roof on a car used to be a luxury feature but these days, thanks to incessant demand from car buyers, OEMs have started offering panoramic sunroof in their mid-range vehicles. The situation is becoming a norm which is why; it is pretty common for one to see vehicles with panoramic sunroofs on US roads frequently.

The demand for sunroof-equipped vehicles is justified when car buyers prioritize aesthetics. However, as per the professional opinions of car experts, a panoramic sunroof doesn’t add any value to a vehicle. And experts are suggesting car buyers refrain from paying the premium price for panoramic sunroof-equipped cars.


Well, panoramic sunroofs entail quite a few worrying downsides with them such as the ones mentioned below.

Panoramic sunroofs lets in a lot of heat inside the cabin of the vehicle

A vehicle’s cabin has front and rear windshields and multiple windows on its sides, depending on the type of vehicle. All of these windows act as points of entry for heat, especially during the daytime. Now, panoramic sunroofs are giant windows stuck on top of a vehicle. Hence, it is natural for the panoramic sunroof-equipped vehicle to end up becoming an oven on wheels!

Let us take the example of a hot summer day in Texas and your panoramic sunroof-equipped vehicle. The cabin of a vehicle without a sunroof can easily get up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit on a typical summer day in Texas. On the same day, if your vehicle has a panoramic sunroof, the cabin temperature of the vehicle will easily surpass 140 degrees Fahrenheit! If you are thinking that the tint on the glass panels of your vehicle’s panoramic sunroof would help keep the cabin of your vehicle cool, think again. Additionally, the retractable shade of automobile sunroofs does very little to stop the sun’s heat from entering vehicle cabins.

To keep the cabin cool, the air conditioning system of your vehicle would have to work hard. This, in turn, will result in a vehicle that consumes excess fuel. Sure you can use a car tracking device to track your driving habits so that you can save fuel. But that will not reduce your fuel expenses associated with your car now, would it?

Even after learning all of this, you still feel that you have to buy a car with a panoramic sunroof then after buying it, make a habit of using a connected vehicle device. Use the device to find covered parking spaces in proximity to your workspace or home. In this way, you will be able to keep your car cool even on hot Texan summer days!

Panoramic sunroofs eat up headroom

Modern vehicles are spacious. Take any modern vehicle and you would have a lot of space for cargo and people. However, the headroom of a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof is at least a few inches less than the headroom offered by a vehicle without a sunroof. Why is that? Well, panoramic sunroofs are electromechanical contraptions and electromechanical contraptions do not come with slim profiles. It means less headroom for rear seat occupants!

Panoramic sunroofs are expensive to maintain

Panoramic sunroofs will fail at some point. And to be honest, it is pretty expensive to replace the heavy glass panels, the cloth shade, and even the motors of a panoramic sunroof. In a nutshell, you would end up with a high-maintenance vehicle if it is equipped with a panoramic sunroof. Sound too expensive, right?

Panoramic sunroofs make cars heavy

If you want to ensure that the car you bought is fuel-efficient and sporty, buy a vehicle without a panoramic sunroof. Panoramic sunroofs are heavy and you cannot shed the weight of this electromechanical contraption even if you wanted to. The result is that your vehicle will consume more fuel compared to a similar vehicle that doesn’t have any kind of sunroof. Even after learning all of this, you choose to buy a car with heavy tempered glass panels, an aluminum or steel frame, a shade with heavy-woven fabric cover as well as heavy-duty drainage channels stuck on its roof, start using connected car solutions so that you can at least gauge the real-time fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Panoramic sunroofs are flawed but desirable

Panoramic sunroofs are flawed, no doubt but their aesthetic appeal overcomes their shortcomings. Hence, even if you choose to buy a car with a panoramic sunroof, ensure that you live in an area with a forgiving climate. However, please note that panoramic sunroofs need regular maintenance. This is why, always use an OBD-compliant GPS tracking device. The reason is simple. A connected vehicle management system will help you track issues with your vehicle and its panoramic sunroof. Additionally, GPS trackers will always help you to take your vehicle for its scheduled maintenance every time. Think about it!