Black Friday Exclusive Sales on Vyncs GPS Trackers

November 03, 2018

10% OFF ON VYNCS FLEET - Revealing the Black Friday Deal!

The deal starts today, on 20th November 2018. We have kept waiting you for long, and here’s it is - get a 10% off on Vyncs Fleet GPS trackers.


Why Vyncs GPS Tracker: 6 Reasons Why You Must Choose Vyncs

  • No monthly fee
  • Costs less than most of the GPS trackers
  • Provides real-time GPS tracking
  • Market’s best-selling GPS device
  • Loaded with a number of features

Vyncs Fleet: What you wanna know

Vyncs Fleet is a commercial version of the Vyncs GPS tracker and uses the same technology but with loads of additional features. Most importantly, you can manage fleets of all sizes with this compact, battery-less device.

Get Driver Trip summary

Vyncs helps you in getting driver trip summary for each and every vehicle. This can help you in managing assets.

Get Vehicle diagnostics

Get details of your vehicle’s health, fault code reports, vehicle emission scores, fuel economy reports, engine health diagnostics, and much more in an easy to understand format.

Frequent maintenance recalls

The Vyncs app installed in your smartphone/ web account gives you maintenance recalls in regular intervals.

Streamlining large fleets

If you are having a large fleet, you can assign sub-fleets or fleet managers so that to manage the business properly.

Get vehicle emission scores

Vyncs Fleet app helps you in providing vehicle emission scores on the basis of the distance driven by the particular car, total Carbon-dioxide emitted and the greenhouse gas score.

Unsafe Driving Notifications

You can keep an eye on the driving habits of your drivers by getting notified about harsh braking, speeding, idling, acceleration, turning and other unsafe practices.

Get fuel consumption details

Vyncs fleet provides you with a detailed report on fuel economy and how much fuel is consumed on the basis of total distance traveled and total driving time. For more details on VycnsFleet and why Vyncs read Why Vyncs GPS Tracker There are many more useful features offered by Vyncs Fleet and the best part is that now you can get all that and an awesome BLACK FRIDAY discount along with it!
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