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What Makes A Good Driver

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smarketingOctober 06, 2023

What makes a good driver? This question is simple, but the answer is not. Some people may think a person who never received a speeding ticket is a good driver, while others may think Dom Torreto of “Fast and Furious" is a good driver. Everyone has a different opinion and standards on a “good driver". However, most of us encounter “bad" drivers now and then. So, it is safe to say that a good driver is actually hard to come by.

Nonetheless, becoming better behind the wheel is necessary. Being a good driver can make the roads safer and save on fuel, maintenance, and insurance. So what can we do to become a “good" driver?

Before getting into the attributes of a good driver, let us start by looking at the kind of drivers you run into on the road.

  1. Speeders - When vehicles move too quickly, the overall traction with the road decreases. The situation makes it easier for drivers to lose control and swerve if they fail to pay close attention. Speeders pose a higher risk of getting into accidents than others driving within the designated speed limit.
  2. Student drivers - New drivers usually try to handle their cars as comfortably as other drivers, but unfortunately, it does not always work out that way. Their nervousness manifests in the form of a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel, low speeds, and unnecessary swerving as they attempt to keep themselves in the middle of a lane.
  3. Angry drivers - These people suffer from road rage. They hurry constantly and do whatever it takes to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Angry drivers swerve in and out of lanes frequently, locking horns with other drivers and acting irrationally because of their anger. In the end, they fail to focus on the road.
  4. Multi-taskers - Instead of just paying attention to the road, multi-taskers participate in other activities. These activities include talking on the phone, texting, eating, or doing their makeup. Doing so shortens reaction time during a dangerous situation.
  5. Weavers - When traffic does not move fast enough for them, weavers react by changing lanes instead of waiting for the vehicles ahead to pick up. Actually, these people do not drive more than a couple of miles in a single lane. This habit of weaving in and out of traffic is hazardous to weavers and others, as they will not wait for oncoming cars to pass.
  6. Defensive drivers - Last but not least, defensive drivers are forever cautious and vigilant on the road. They maintain a reasonable amount of space between cars while avoiding hazards. These characteristics give them enough time to react during emergencies, reducing the chances of accidents.

The traits of good drivers

Although there are no set standards on what makes a driver a good driver, there are some traits many agree on. So what are some common traits a good driver wield?

Before moving on, check out this quiz by Consumer Reports. It can tell you more about how you drive.

A good driver is:

  • Well-prepared
  • You have probably heard that you should never blame your equipment. Yes, as time passes the car will have problems but it is your job to keep up with its maintenance. Is the tire tread safe? Is there enough windscreen detergent in the tank for a journey? Do you sit in the right position before setting out on a trip? Do you adjust your mirrors correctly? Proficient drivers will always be aware of all these factors before they turn on the ignition.

  • Know thy vehicle
  • Today, hundreds and thousands prefer to lease cars or resort to self-driven vehicle hiring schemes. Considering this fact, you may find yourself behind the steering wheel of a car you never drove before. It will inevitably affect your driving. For instance, it is crucial to know if your car has enough power to complete a maneuver safely within the time you expect it to. Can you be sure about how hard you should step on the brake to make it stop? Will you have any way of knowing whether the car has ABS brakes or other driving aids?

  • Control
  • Control applies to your frame of mind and driving style. When it is about the physical side of driving, the person sitting behind the wheel must be aware of the road surface. After all, gravel, wet mud, and ice can be lethal. It is crucial to maintain control, and you can do that by slowing down and ensuring you do everything as smoothly as possible. Be responsible and avoid drunk driving and drowsy driving at all costs. One more aspect of being a good driver is to remain calm and emotionally in control. You should maintain the right attitude, as you share the roads with many other drivers. Anger, agitation, and impatience are not only dangerous but also leave you stressed after driving for a long time which can lead to accidents.

  • Proper use of the vehicle
  • Drivers should know the location of every piece of equipment and every function they need in the car. Being aware of where the fog lights and warning lights are, using the indicators correctly, thinking about when to switch on the headlights once the sun goes down, and using the main beam safely to avoid startling or blinding other drivers are all attributes of good driving. Don't forget to pay attention to the car's dashboard warning lights! You can let the fuel light stay on for some time, but ignoring the other warning lights will lead to severe problems. It is also crucial to consider how you actually control the car. If you drive an automobile with a manual shifter, you should touch the stick only when you need to change gears. Keep your hands only on the steering wheel to react in an emergency.

  • Concentrate on the road
  • Drivers get distracted all the time on the road. Some pay more attention to the radio while others talk to the passengers. Some fiddle with the AC knobs while others keep turning their heads, searching for a turning. However, staying alert on the road is at the top of the list of important things. There are too many potential hazards to watch out for because everyone is not as attentive. Pedestrians, particularly children, may step out from behind a parked vehicle, animals running on the road, a cyclist pedaling along the inside lane, an almost invisible puddle or pothole, an object obstructing your vision, and other distracted drivers can all cause problems. There are endless possibilities of potential hazards that can cause an accident, so staying alert and aware of your surroundings are very important to prevent any accidents and staying safe.

  • A courteous nature
  • No matter how well you drive, there are bound to be those who drive recklessly. In such circumstances, you may lose your cool and spew unkind words and honk at the other driver. On the other hand, it may be you who does not yield and drive angrily because you are stuck in traffic. Whatever the situation may be, people can be mean when they are driving. We all know that honking and not yielding to others will not relieve the traffic jam. Instead, be calm and collective. Be kind and let those who wants to come into your lane into the lane. Give space to pedestrians and cyclists, do not block turnings, and avoid hogging lanes. All these strategies help traffic flow smoothly and keep people safe.

Let's be better

It is easy to yell and curse others behind the wheel because they cannot hear you. You can honk at others out of anger, but none of these things will resolve anything. Instead let us work to be a better driver by yielding, focusing on the road, having knowledge of the vehicle you are driving, and maintaining your car periodically. With a little effort we all can be a good driver.

Even with all these skills some may still want extra help to be more safe. A GPS tracker for car no monthly fee from Vyncs can aid you 24/7 by letting you know about your vehicle health, where to find better quality gas for less, anti-theft, and more!


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