Top 5 benefits of changing your vehicle's engine oil on time
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Top 5 benefits of changing your vehicle's engine oil on time

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TrackingAndSafetyMarch 22, 2024

Back in the day, a car used to be a luxury. Not anymore. Owning a personal or commercial vehicle is a necessity in this modern age. However, buying a vehicle these days is quite a task. Even a basic truck or panel van comes with hefty price tags.

Knowing all of this, you still scraped up your savings, got some financing, and bought a vehicle for personal or commercial use. However, when it comes to maintaining your vehicle, you tend to ignore what needs to be done.

Even if you put off fixing that broken tail light on time, do not forget to change the engine oil of your vehicle.


Well, on-time engine oil changes offer vehicle owners a lot of benefits and this post will discuss some of them.

Before that, let us first understand why your vehicle’s engine needs oil.

Well, engine oil lubricates every moving and static internal component of a vehicle’s engine. The goal of pouring oil into your engine is to keep it from suffering irreversible heat and friction-based damages.

What are the benefits of changing your vehicle’s engine oil on time?

The benefits of on-time oil changes are many but the most significant ones are mentioned below.

The engine will be cleaned from the inside

So you use a connected car OBD GPS to keep your beloved vehicle from high-risk zones to keep it safe?


Do you keep your car clean and shiny on the inside and out?


What about the interior of your car’s engine? Is it clean as well?

How can you do that?

Well, try changing the engine oil on time. You will be glad to know that engine oils come with additives. Some of those additives have surfactant properties. What does this mean?

In simple words, engine oils not only lubricate an engine but at the same time, clean it!

Isn't that neat?

The engine’s operational life will be longer

Do you love your truck? Do you own a classic car? Is that JDM Nissan Skyline GTR your dream car?

Make sure that you equip your automotive baby with GPS vehicle monitoring devices. Additionally, change the engine oil of your car on time. Do this and your classic car, that JDM legend, or that trusty truck you own would keep on purring for decades!

A lubricated engine runs smooth

Does your vehicle’s engine vibrate more than it should? Have you diagnosed your vehicle with a car health monitor but could not find any fault codes?

When was the last time you changed the engine oil of your car?

Please note that an engine running with old burnt oil in it is at risk of forming rust on its inner surfaces. Dirt, rust, and related contaminants come in the way of an engine’s normal operations. The outcome is that the engine will vibrate a lot across all RPM ranges.

Your fuel expenses will go down

An engine that runs poorly will consume more fuel. If you do not believe this statement then use Connected Car Solutions and use their mileage tracker feature. Calculate how much fuel your vehicle is sipping up unnecessarily.

Old oil doesn’t properly lubricate the inner surfaces of an engine or its moving parts. Hence, friction will be high within such an engine. The outcome, the engine will burn more fuel compared to a properly lubricated one, under similar conditions.

In simple words, if you want to reduce your fuel expenses, change the engine oil of your vehicle at recommended intervals.

The original engine power and torque outputs will be restored

Old or burnt oil increases the friction inside an engine. It means that the torque and power outputs of an engine running with old oil will be significantly low. Use an OBD-II active car health monitor device to track when it is time to change the oil.

Old or burnt engine oil loses its viscosity over time. Less viscous engine oil does not stick properly to the inner surfaces of an engine. The result is increased friction within an engine which reduces its overall power and torque outputs.

If you don’t want this to happen to your vehicle then change its oil on time.

How frequently should you change your vehicle’s engine oil?

The engine of your car or truck will need an oil change depending on your driving style. Additionally, frequent engine oil changes will be needed for vehicles that are put through a lot of stress.

Also, vehicles stashed in a museum or private garage that are not driven regularly, need frequent oil changes.


Well, engine oil loses its potency over time. Even if a vehicle is not driven regularly, its engine oil will not be fit for use. When this museum or private garage-stored vehicle is taken for a drive, its engine might suffer irreversible damage.

The ideal vehicle owner is the one who listens to the recommendations of trained mechanics.

Be the ideal owner and change the oil of your vehicle as per expert recommendations.

Which type of engine oil should you put in your car or truck?

Well, the final decision is yours. However, for the best results, try to put the engine oil type specified in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. If you don’t want to follow that instruction then do listen to the recommendations of your trusty mechanic.

How a connected car OBD GPS tracker can help you?

Popular connected car solutions like a Vyncs connected car OBD GPS collect relevant data from your car’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The collected data is then sent to you via the accompanying app. In short, you will always know what is going on with your vehicle. You can solve problems before they get big thus keeping your car from breaking down completely.

Connected vehicle solutions like a Vyncs device also let you track how much emission your car is putting out through its tailpipe. Additionally, vehicle tracking and monitoring devices also send notifications whenever your car’s battery health is dropping.

You can also track your vehicle performance by keeping an eye on your vehicle’s Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

Devices like a Vyncs GPS tracker also notify car owners the moment their car’s manufacturer issues a voluntary recall notice. This is one of the significant benefits of using connected vehicle solutions. You must keep track of your car’s recall history. Voluntary recalls are issued whenever an underlying issue is causing a batch of cars to perform poorly on the roads. Priority recall notices are also issued when a car has components that may cause an accident or breakdown.

Want to know what’s the mileage of your car? Get the latest vehicle monitoring device and use its mileage tracker feature. It’s that easy!

If this is not convincing enough then be informed that connected vehicle devices also send maintenance reminders to you periodically. You will never fail to change the engine oil of your car on time.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Change your vehicle’s engine oil on time and rest easy!

Changing the engine oil of your vehicle regularly is a good practice. Oil changes are part and parcel of owning a vehicle. If you keep driving your vehicle with old or low engine oil, the mileage will suffer. Additionally, the torque and power outputs of your vehicle will also suffer. If that was not convincing enough for you then remember that on-time oil changes also increase the overall operational life of a vehicle by several folds. For more details, it is recommended that you refer to the owner’s manual of your vehicle.