Top 5 Car Accessories To Take On A Road Trip
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Top 5 Car Accessories To Take On A Road Trip

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TrackingAndSafetyApril 04, 2024

One of the best ways to discover a country’s natural beauty and iconic landmarks is to embark on a road trip.

Hitting the road with your friends and family is way better than flying or taking the train. Besides, the occasional stops to take a selfie or record the road as the car cruises on have a charm of their own.

However, before taking a road trip remember to get your hands on some must-have road trip accessories for your car.

Take a look at the sections below where we handpicked a few car accessories that will come in handy on a road trip.

#1 - a seat-back organizer

A road trip is incomplete without cool drinks, books, tablets, and a deck of Uno! However, keeping loose items organized in a moving car packed with luggage and your loved ones is not easy.

The solution is to hang a seat back organizer in your car. A seat-back organizer lets you keep road trip essentials secured and within easy reach – enough said!

#2 – a smartphone mount

A smartphone mount is a handy car accessory that lets you mount your phone on the dashboard. In this way, you won’t have to take your eyes off the road. If you have to take a call or use the navigation feature of your phone, do it without worrying!

#3 – a power inverter

Most cars come with one, two, or a maximum of three power outlets. These outlets are enough to charge your smartphone. But what about charging multiple devices or firing up power-hungry devices at the same time? Can your car handle that entire load without popping a fuse?

No, a car’s wiring cannot handle excess load. Additionally, you risk a fire hazard for your loved ones, the car, and your belongings if you overload your car’s power outlets.

The solution is to pack a power inverter. These devices have a battery pack within them and come equipped with multiple power outlets. On top of this, the power outlets have variable power ratings. It means that you can even fire up a power-hungry device like a portable vacuum cleaner with a power inverter.

#4 – a dashcam

Even the most seasoned drivers can make a mistake on the road leading to an accident. Then there is the issue of the insurer not paying the car owner to cover the repair costs citing insufficient tangible proof. If unfortunately you end up in such a situation and you have a dashcam installed in your car you are sorted! The dashcam footage can be handed over to your car insurer and the law enforcers so that your issues are resolved in no time. Additionally, high-definition dashcam footage can also be used to create vlogs or to document your journey.

#5 – a portable jump starter

One of the best road trip car accessories is a portable jump starter.

A portable jump starter does what it says in its name. In case the 12-volt battery of your car dies for some unforeseen reason, you can still start your car’s engine. Just connect the portable jump starter to the dead 12-volt battery of your car, and voila! Pack everything up and get back on the road!

Additionally, a portable jump starter not only has limited dimensions at the same time, but it’s also lightweight. So no additional space is needed in your car and it doesn’t even add extra weight to the vehicle.

Protect your car, yourself, and your loved ones with a vehicle tracking device

Before beginning your road trip, don’t forget to attach an Vyncs OBD2 GPS tracker to your car.


Well, premium GPS trackers for vehicles let you track your driving habits. Additionally, you can track your car’s mileage and evaluate gas stations. Gas station evaluation lets you pour the best quality and reasonably priced fuel into your car.

On top of this, a premium vehicle tracking device lets you call for road side assistance in case your car breaks down during the trip. A car tracker made by the best brand also lets you monitor the health of your car’s 12 Volt battery!

However, make sure that you are investing your hard-earned money in the best car tracker that entails no monthly fee, for the best results!