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Top 4 Reasons To Track Your Electric Vehicle

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smarketingMarch 07, 2024

Almost every vehicle manufacturer in the world is electrifying their vehicle line-ups. Even if a brand chooses not to electrify its entire vehicle line-up, at least one or two vehicles will be electrified.

The reason behind this sudden shift in the automobile sector is simple. Electric vehicles have several positive effects in store for buyers and manufacturers alike. Vehicle manufacturers can say that they are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Car buyers can take guilt-free drives to work or for leisure.

Electric vehicles perform better when compared to gas-powered vehicles

Electric vehicles have been met with open arms by auto enthusiasts all around the world. The acceleration of an electric vehicle is amazing, to be honest. The entire torque range of the driving motors installed in an electric vehicle is available from the get-go. Additionally, electric vehicles offer several unique features to drivers such as regenerative braking.

If that is not enough, then you will be glad to know that electric vehicles emit no pollutants as they move. Additionally, since the number of moving mechanical parts is less in an EV, maintaining them is as easy as it gets.

The EV industry is booming in the United States

The EV industry in the US is booming. To put things into perspective, by the end of this year, the EV market share in the US is expected to reach US$82.8bn. By 2028, the US electric vehicle market share is projected to reach US$161.6bn. The current Compound Annual Growth Rate of the US EV market sector is 18.20% - which is huge. Don’t you agree?

Get a Smart car tracking device and track the energy consumption of your EV

Even with all the technical advancements made in EV technology, people still suffer from EV range anxiety. However, there is a solution to this problem. EV owners can simply use smart GPS car trackers like a Vyncs vehicle tracking device. In this way, an EV owner can track the overall health of their EV’s battery pack. EV owners can also track how much energy their EV is consuming from the grid. Owners can also practice good charging habits for their EVs.

In simple words, using trackers streamlines the driving and charging experiences of an EV.

Get detailed onboard electric vehicle data

All modern vehicles generate telematics data in the form of average speed, distance to empty, etc. Electric vehicles generate additional EV telematics such as battery energy density, charging/discharging data, etc. These data points are available in the in-dash screens of most EVs. However, with an EV monitoring device, you will have additional data that will help you modify your driving and vehicle charging habits.

Connected vehicle technology benefits EV fleets

Connected vehicle solutions benefit EV fleets as well. The applications of trackers are not limited to private EV owners. Several small, medium, and large businesses use vehicle GPS trackers to make their fleet management more efficient. The latest generation of comprehensive EV fleet monitoring solutions to maximize the productivity of EV fleet vehicles.

EV Fleet tracking technology also lets fleet managers track and manage their electric fleet vehicles as well as their drivers efficiently. Additionally, solutions like a Vyncs electric vehicle tracking device help businesses minimize the environmental impact of their electric vehicle fleets.

When the environmental impact of a commercial activity is low, a business would not be fined or sued. On top of this, modern fleet management solutions offer a trove of important data points such as driver behavior. Using driver on-road behavior data, fleet managers can weed out unruly drivers. Weeding out unruly drivers not only helps protect the image of the brand, but also allow fleet managers to keep the overall condition of their fleet vehicles good.

In short, EV fleet tracking devices help to make a fleet efficient and reduce its operational costs.

Top 4 reasons to track your EV

Keep the battery pack of your EV healthy and easily plan maintenance schedules

A device like a Vyncs real-time GPS tracker lets EV owners ensure they are driving their vehicles properly. In this way, an EV driver can drive more miles on a fully charged battery pack. Additionally, a Vyncs GPS tracker can help EV owners develop good driving habits such as avoiding harsh accelerations. In short, an EV owner can expect their EV to run for more miles, without any electrical or mechanical issues.

Take decisions that are driven by real data

Range anxiety is a natural outcome of being an EV owner. The US has a relatively developed EV charging infrastructure. However, there are still places in the US where one won’t find any fast chargers for their EVs.

Taking a road trip is the preferred way to travel for the average American. By using a Vyncs vehicle GPS tracker, you can plan a route with multiple available charging stations. To put it simply, you can bid farewell to range anxiety with solutions like a real-time tracker for teen drivers.

Optimize the routes you take with your EV

If the energy stored in the battery pack of your EV is used only to run the HVAC while the car is stuck in traffic, it’s a wasted effort. Right?

What if we told you that you can avoid congestion and gridlocks by using devices like a Vyncs OBD GPS tracker. The latest generation of EV trackers lets users optimize the routes they take every day. In this way, you will not be spending hours stuck in traffic just to get from point A to B.

What do you think about that?

Tracking your EV keeps it safe

An EV is fun to drive but it is quite expensive to purchase. On top of that, EV theft cases are steadily rising here in the US.


Carjackers tend to steal electric vehicles since the value of an EV in the used car market is quite high. Additionally, the electric and mechanical components within an EV also fetch high returns on the gray market.

How can you keep your EV safe?

That’s simple. All you have to do is use a smart GPS tracker for EVs.

Tracking your EV is the way of the wise

Using an electric vehicle for personal or commercial use is a great move. However, without keeping tabs on the vehicle, you won’t be able to get more range out of the vehicle. A reliable tracker will also remind you to develop good driving habits. By tracking your EV, you can keep its operating costs down and take care of it on time. For more details, click here.