Should logistics companies go paperless? A guide to paperless fleet management
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Should logistics companies go paperless? A guide to paperless fleet management

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TrackingAndSafetyApril 29, 2024

Take the example of any modern day business, you’d find that it has an in-house fleet of commercial vehicles. However, even in this age of the internet, quite a significant number of businesses are yet to adopt paperless fleet management solutions.

Paperless fleet management solutions entail a lot of advantages for businesses such as fleet route optimization. Additional reasons why logistics companies should go paperless are mentioned below.

A drastic drop in errors is guaranteed

Paper-based fleet management is inefficient since manual production, editing and sharing of official documents is bound to be riddled with errors. Since minimizing or complete eradication of errors in official documents is one of the smart ways to tackle the challenges of fleet management, it makes sense to take the necessary steps.

One of the best ways to minimize errors in managing a fleet is to start using GPS fleet tracking solutions, in a bid to automate processes such as filling up of vehicle inspection forms.

Data accumulation will be accurate

Data – the modern day currency.

The value of data is immense. Lose it and your company will be facing lawsuits from disgruntled customers and stakeholders. Use it and your business will touch new heights of success in no time.

However, manual accumulation, storage and crunching of data in this age of the internet is a fool’s errand. If you are serious about keeping your business ahead of your rivals, implement the fleet management software in your business as soon as possible.

Modern fleet management solutions work in tandem with advanced vehicle tracking systems. Together these solutions can ensure businesses can wiggle out of fleet management complexities easily.

For instance, if a business chose to buy used fleet vehicles, fleet management solutions can ensure that managers can keep track of the vehicles that may or may not break down mid deliveries.

In a nutshell, GPS fleet trackers benefit the logistics and supply chain in multiple ways. Hence, implementing such a solution in your business will not be a bad idea.

Fleet management will be seamless

Paper-based fleet management is tedious. Any tedious process in a business environment will automatically bring down the overall productivity of the company. For instance, manual scheduling and routing of fleet vehicles as well as drivers will naturally take a lot of time. On the flip side automating fleet management procedures such as scheduling appointments, dispatching orders or communicating with fleet drivers in real time is seamless in a paperless environment.

Taking note of benefits like the ones mentioned above, non-profit firms use fleet GPS trackers to tackle challenges. Additionally, logistics companies can control the chaos of holidays and avoid fleet management mistakes in a bid to remain efficient.

Paperless fleet management is more secure

One of the best practices to improve fleet management is to equip fleet vehicles with OBD trackers for fleet and accompanying paperless fleet management solution.


Well, moving away from paper-based fleet management is a step towards making a business more secure.


Paper documents can be easily manipulated, destroyed or lost. Since keeping the interests of a business safe is one of the roles & responsibilities of a fleet manager, moving towards paperless fleet management seems like a good idea, doesn’t it?

Digital business documents can be encrypted. Additionally, digital documents can be kept safe from prying eyes by limiting access to them. In this way, you can keep track of when a document is copied, printed or shared.

Furthermore, making redundant copies of digital documents is way easier and quicker than making physical copies of business documents.

Paperless fleet management is the need of the hour

Paperless fleet management solutions help businesses benefit from geozones.

How can you improve your fleet business with geofencing?

Well, you can set geozones around your fleet vehicles to keep them from getting stolen or repossessed. Geozones can also help you keep your vehicles and drivers away from the turfs of your competitors. Additionally, modern GPS fleet management system offer impressive features like real-time vehicle location tracking. Keeping tabs on your fleet vehicles and drivers ensures discipline is maintained across the fleet. Additionally, you would ensure that your fleet vehicles are used only for official purposes.

If this was not convincing enough then remember that fleet management solutions also let managers reduce fuel wastage by tracking vehicle idling time. Additionally, minimizing fuel wastage also lets a business reduce its carbon footprint in the process. Food for thought?