How Vyncs Car GPS Tracker Brings Car Owners Peace of Mind
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How Vyncs Car GPS Tracker Brings Car Owners Peace of Mind

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badminDecember 23, 2020

Vyncs offers state-of-the-art GPS tracking for cars and commercial fleets with the latest technology and a wide range of unique features that make it a top contender in the connected car market. Vyncs is a popular and the #1 best-selling connected car GPS tracking product in its category on many platforms such as with 2200+ five-star reviews. Vyncs is also supported in 200+ countries worldwide. That means it is already tested in many countries and particularly if you travel across countries on a regular basis, it will work seamlessly regardless of where you are. The Vyncs car GPS tracker product comes with a 4G LTE device (if your area does not support 4G then get the Vyncs 3G), a web account, and an app that you can download in any smart Android/iOS device.

With the Vyncs app, you can have peace of mind about your vehicle, even when you are not in the car next to your loved one. Vyncs offers a powerful GPS tracking and connected car solutions that go way beyond just location tracking. From driving to parking, driver safety to car maintenance, many of the Vyncs product features come handy in real-life situations more than one can probably imagine. While you are driving, Vyncs 4G+ collects data every second, analyzes it, and transfers that data to your account in the cloud over 4G wireless network. GPS sampling and update rates depend on the type of Vyncs you have. Another useful feature of Vyncs is unlimited trip history. In other words, as long as you have a valid Vyncs account, you have access to all the historical trips the vehicle took. So, if you are interested in getting mileage tax benefits for work, you would love this feature. Vyncs Fleet also allows downloading the trip data in Excel-friendly format. The Vyncs Link device analyzes car data on speed, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, idling time, etc. and assigns a driver score that represents how safely one is driving. For instance, you can view where the driver’s speeding events occurred on the map. You can see how often your driver speeds with the Vyncs speeding histogram, which shows the amount of time the driver spends in certain speed ranges. If you are a business owner and care about fuel cost, then you probably want to know how much your drivers are idling. Get unsafe driving alerts and review the driver report; Moreover, if you already do not have a roadside assistance program from one of the motor clubs or other entities, then get Vyncs Premium for 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance in USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico at just $10 extra per year which is a great deal. Whether you are a parent of a teen driver or have a business fleet, you would find the Vyncs GPS tracking and driver safety features very handy.

The anti-car theft feature is another useful thing about Vyncs. If your vehicle is parked somewhere, Vyncs device wakes up once in every hour and updates the location in your account. So, if you don’t get the hourly location update or you notice that the location has changed, then you may want to check out what is going on. If the device is unplugged and plugged back in, then Vyncs sends you a tamper notification. This comes handy when some teen drivers try to cheat by removing the device when they are left home and plugging it back in when are back home. The ‘ignition on’ reporting feature informs you every time your car is turned on. If you want to know every time the car ignition is turned on during certain “curfew" hours (timings can be personalized using your Vyncs app or web account) then this comes handy. Vyncs car tracker also tracks where, when and for how long your car stopped somewhere. You can also set up geofences of arbitrary shape (not just a circular) from your account to check when your car enters and/or exits certain areas. In fact, car monitoring features can relieve parents of a great deal of stress.

The OBD-II port of a vehicle provides access to many useful vehicle data. In fact, this is the port that your car mechanic uses for diagnosing your vehicle when there are some issues. So, if you are going to get an OBD GPS tracker then why not get something like veins that gives you access to vehicle health and maintenance information in addition to GPS tracking. The Vyncs device is equipped with the technology that lets you enjoy driving your car without constantly worrying about the health status and maintenance issues about the vehicle systems that are reported through the vehicle’s OBD2 port. Apart from car GPS tracking, Vyncs also has many car-health tracking features that include reminders and notifications for battery health condition, vehicle sub-system fault codes, car maintenance reminders, the status of the fuel tank (if available). Vyncs allows you to keep track of your car maintenance! Vyncs collects the vehicle trouble code data that’s only accessible through the OBD-II port, i.e. be the first to know exactly what’s happening with your car before it becomes a big issue. You can see all of the details in your account.

When the Vyncs Link car tracker device is connected to your car, you receive push notifications that alert you of a low or empty fuel tank. Besides reminding you to refuel, the device also locates and shows the nearby gas stations on the map in your app.

Overall, Vyncs is a good product with a wide range of features. Its #1 Best Selling rank in platforms like Amazon has good reasons. Apart from guaranteed satisfaction, 2200+ third-party reviews, ratings at VerifiedReview360 speak volumes about the quality of the Vyncs car GPS tracker device and app, and the peace of mind they have brought to the customers.