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Memorial Day Travel: How To Save Money On Gas With Car GPS Tracker

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kadminMay 31, 2022

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), approximately 34.9 million people will hit the road on the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. Considering the recent surge in gas prices, as we head into the holiday weekend, vehicle owners must be wondering, "How to save money on fuel?"

There is good news for you! In fact, the rising fuel cost should not keep you from preparing for the much-needed trip you have been planning for long. With the latest connected car tracker technology, you can enjoy more saving on fuel cost than you could imagine.

We understand that there is nothing like the feeling of hitting the road with a full tank of gas, an open road, and plenty of adventures that await you out there. While you cannot do much about surging gas prices, you can still pay less at the pump, and ensure your vehicle gets the best possible fuel economy. Wondering, "How is it possible?" Well, you can do a few little things to make sure that your vehicle is in good shape for getting the optimal gas mileage. Also, a product like the Vyncs connected car tracking device can help you save a fortune on gas with its various tools to optimize fuel economy.

Vyncs comes with a tiny little 4G device that plugs into the OBD-II port of your vehicle. It transmits all sorts of vehicle performance (including fuel economy) data to your personal account over the wireless network, accessible from your Android/iOS and PC. So, if you are serious about reducing your fuel costs, Vyncs is there for you!

Why Should I Care About Fuel Economy And How?

Well, for most people this is a no-brainer. However, let us quickly review this question and get it over with. First of all, there is no denying that the recent spike in gasoline prices can take a toll on your travel budget. With gas prices likely to stay on the higher side for the near future, motorists are urged to evaluate their personal driving habits in an effort to reduce overall fuel consumption.

By taking simple steps, one can ensure better fuel economy that may include but are not limited to:

  1. ✔ Consistently checking the vehicle’s tire pressure
  2. ✔ Staying on top of routine maintenance
  3. ✔ Avoiding hard breaking & excessive speeding
  4. ✔ Reducing the amount of idling time

Improving vehicle fuel efficiency helps you save money, curb carbon emissions, and boost overall performance. So, pay attention to these things and you will save big bucks!

Tips On Saving Money On Gas With Vyncs Gps Tracker

Better Mileage At Your Fingertips: Leveraging Vyncs’s Fuel Fill-Up Feature

With gas prices reaching an all-time high, everyone seems to look for better ways to gain the upper hand. The use of real-time GPS tracking technology has become mainstream --- a unique, cost-effective way of reducing costs.

Filling up at the right time and at the right place can save you money on gas. Your vehicle is more likely to offer you the best mileage possible when you fill up the tank at the right time with the right kind of fuel. This, in turn, translates into better mileage for the long run. With Vyncs, since you can easily find out the gas tank level and the kind of gas mileage you got from the gas you purchased from a gas station, you are always in a better place when it comes to improving the overall fuel economy.

Also, the smart fuel-saving feature of Vyncs helps you keep track of the amount of fuel left in the vehicle and how you can optimize your gas mileage. Once you plug in the Vyncs device to your car’s OBD-II port, it will start sending driver performance data to your account. All the gas guzzling events such as rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and speeding are identified and presented to you so that you can cut down on fuel cost if you wanted to. If you are running a business fleet this is a life saver and of course a cost saver for the operations. With price for everything going up, isn’t it great to have something that brings the cost down? Vyncs identifies and reports the factors contributing to increased fuel consumption. That means you have a scope to take immediate actions to solve the issue right away.

Evaluate Nearby Gas Stations Through Vyncs

Saving on gas has never been easier. If you have a Vyncs device in your vehicle, you can find out nearby gas stations and compare their prices and previous performances. The device lets you keep tabs on the number of times you filled up your vehicle from different gas stations. That means you will be able to know which gas stations offer you the best deal possible.

Proactive Vehicle Maintenance Alerts

The importance of vehicle maintenance cannot be overstated. One cannot overlook this important aspect. While it might be tempting to want to avoid your valuable time at the service stations for oil-changes and tune-ups, neglected engines are more likely to make you spend more on gas. Getting ahead-of-time vehicle maintenance alerts or recall notices on your smartphone means you never miss out on getting your car maintenance done right and on time. When you have Vyncs car GPS tracker, in your car, it helps you to address and fix vehicle issues before they get bigger.

Another important thing to note is that fuel economy is not a constant. It changes over time depending upon the condition of the vehicle and how you drive it, among other things. Consider Table 1 which compares the fuel economy values computed by averaging the gas mileage values from a sample set of vehicles with the corresponding EPA fuel economy data.

Vehicle NameFuel Economy (MPG/ Miles Per Galon) (Vyncs Data)Official EPA Fuel Economy (MPG)
2014 Lexus LX-57018.2914
2016 Volkswagen Tiguan24.2922
2006 Chevrolet Express 150018.0514

As you can see from the table, real-world fuel economy data may vary. For example, for the 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan, the EPA gas mileage is 22 MPG whereas the average gas mileage from the sample pool of vehicles reported here is 24.29 MPG. So, it is important to stay informed about the current gas mileage you are getting from your vehicle and that’s where Vyncs can help.

Ready to Improve Gas Mileage and Increase Saving?

Whether you are concerned with saving money on gas or reducing your carbon footprint on the planet, reducing fuel consumption by using Vyncs is a win-win all round. The device helps you to keep track of the fuel level and recommends the best way to save fuel, hence reducing your total costs on gas. With built-in gas price & fuel level reporting, fuel purchase & cost tracking mechanisms, and effective fuel-saving tips, you will have the peace of mind and not spend a fortune on gas. Vyncs syncs your car with your life and makes it better. Learn more about Vyncs. Connect with us today!