Know Your Car - The New Nissan Z 2-Door Coupe
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Know Your Car - The New Nissan Z 2-Door Coupe

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TrackingAndSafetyMay 10, 2024

The Nissan Z has always been a popular car among enthusiasts around the world. Those who cannot get their hands on a Nissan GT-R R34 would put their automotive urges to rest with a Nissan Z.

The 2024 Nissan Z is the direct successor of the 370 Z – which was often described by car enthusiasts as a sports coupe with a soul. The Z line of cars from Nissan entailed many unique selling points. However, the ones that stood out were their affordability and fun-to-drive demeanor.

The latest iteration of the Z has several bits and pieces that can make anyone who owned a 240Z or a 300 ZX back in the day, nostalgic. For instance, the quarter panel of the new Z boasts an insignia – a nod to the 240Z. Additionally, the dramatic LED taillights boast the overall aesthetics of the 300ZX from the 90s. In a nutshell, the new Z at a glance, states that she’s a fun-to-drive and own car!

The Nissan Z 2024 has a lot to offer especially in terms of overall packaging. We will get into that in the sections below.

What’s the price range for this car?

The 2024 iteration of the Nissan Z starts from a sticker price of $44,110. The top-spec and fully decked-out Z could come with a sticker price of $66,890.

Which trim should you buy?

The Z is available in three trims: performance, proto, and sport. All three trims are available with manual and automatic transmissions. Additionally, one can also get their hands on a NISMO Z but this trim is available with an automatic transmission only. The Z performance trim offers the best value for money. The reasons are as follows.

  • Sportier suspension.
  • Limited-slip differential.
  • Upgraded brakes.
  • 19-inch stylish alloy wheels wrapped with summer tires.
  • Power-adjustable seats wrapped with faux-suede upholstery.

The engine

Much like the legendary Nissan GT-R, the new Z is powered by a twin-turbocharged V-6. However, the power output of the Z’s engine is 400 HP due to the 3.0-liter engine. The torque output of the Z is 350 pound-feet.

If you feel that 400 HP is not enough for you then you can always buy the NISMO Z. This beastly trim of the Z is known for its 420 buff horses and 384 pound-feet of torque! Additional specification-related details can be obtained by installing an OBD GPS tracker, if you are into that kind of stuff!

The transmission

The new Nissan Z can be bought with a six-speed performance-oriented manual transmission. However, if you are not comfortable with operating a third pedal then you can buy the Z with a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Additional goodies

Unlike its predecessors, the new Nissan Z comes with the following.

  • An LSD (limited-slip differential).
  • Bigger wheels.
  • High performance brakes.
  • A stiff suspension tune.
  • Retro-modern bodywork.

The overall performance

As per OBD data accumulated from the latest generation of car tracking devices, the overall performance of the new Z is astonishing!

Let’s start with how the car is designed. Just like its predecessors, the new Z boasts an aerodynamic design. Since every car benefits from aerodynamics, it is no surprise that the new Z’s aerodynamic tail end lets the car benefit from a low drag coefficient.

Additionally, thanks to the car’s turbo six-cylinder engine and RWD layout with the manual transmission, the car surpasses 60 mph in mere 4.5 seconds! However, the automatic transmission Nissan Z surpasses the 60 mph mark in 4.3 seconds.

The overall cornering performance of the new Z is impressive given you are not pushing the car too hard. If you do push the car hard, the stiff suspension tune reveals that it is not quite up to the task. The stock suspension tuning is perfect for daily commutes. However, the OEM suspensions and the tuning are not suitable for track days, to be honest.

Overall fuel economy in terms of MPGs

The new Z’s real-world mileage is rated by the EPA to be at 19 mpg on the city roads and 28 mpg on the highways.

Sure you can get more miles per gallon of fuel from your Nissan Z by using a car tracker in a bid to evaluate gas stations that sell 93 octane gasoline. You can also increase the overall fuel efficiency of your Nissan Z by using vehicle tracking devices in a bid to limit your Z’s engine idling time.

Interiors, overall comfort, and available cargo space

The latest iteration of the Nissan Z looks much different on the inside compared to its predecessors.

However, certain things remain the same. For instance, Nissan did not change the overall layout of the new Z. The car remains a true sport coupe. There are no vestigial rear seats like the ones you can find at the rear of a Porsche 911!

The rest is all new inside the new Z. One will be pleased to know that the new Z has a contemporary cabin. One would not have to splurge on must-have car accessories when they buy the new Z. The reason is simple. The new Z comes with –

  • Leather upholstery.
  • Power-adjustable seats.
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control and more.

The cargo space is adequate to be blunt. One can fit not more than three carry-on suitcases in the trunk of the new Z – which is more than adequate for a sports coupe. Don’t you think?

The car is loaded in terms of infotainment and overall connectivity

The new Z is fully decked out. Let’s enunciate the previous statement.

The new Nissan Z comes equipped with an 8.0-inch infotainment system with SiriusXM satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto features. The stock speaker setup in the Nissan Z is six stereo speakers. You can also upgrade to a Bose premium speaker setup and equip their Z with an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot feature as well! Also, you can even get a 9.0-inch unit with navigation capability as an option. The driver information display unit has a 12.3-inch screen.

What about driver and passenger safety?

The new Z has a handful of driver and passenger safety features. For instance, Nissan equipped the new Z with automated emergency braking as well as pedestrian detection features. Additionally, the car also comes with blind-spot monitoring as well as the following.

  • Standard lane-departure warning and
  • Standard adaptive cruise control.

However, even with all the above passive and active safety features, if you do not follow the 4-second rule, or equip the Z with a car tracking device that can track driver behavior, you are bound to risk your life and the lives of others. So, follow the 4-second rule, and don’t forget to attach the latest car tracker to the OBD-2 port of your Nissan Z to keep it, yourself, and others on the road safe.

The 2024 Nissan Z is a complete package available at an affordable price

The new Nissan Z has a lot of power, is packed with modern features, and looks gorgeous. Additionally, the six-speed manual transmission available in all the trims, except the NISMO version, is a matter of rejoicing for purists. Additionally, the car has a reasonable sticker price range.

After bringing your Z to your driveway, invest in one of the best vehicle tracking devices. A modern-day OBD GPS tracker can offer a plethora of relevant features to car owners. For instance, GPS trackers protect cars from theft and unauthorized towing. You can also track the gas stations near your home to on your work route that sell 93-octane gasoline so that your Nissan Z can always put a smile on your face whenever you floor the gas pedal!

With that stated, make sure that your Nissan Z’s engine oil is changed on time. The reason is simple. The benefits of changing the engine oil of your car on time are many. For instance, the engine will remain healthy for a long time. The powertrain will not suffer premature wear and tear when pushed to the limits. In simple words, do take care of your Nissan Z and she will keep on making you smile, for miles!