How to keep your car safe during severe weather events?
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How to keep your car safe during severe weather events?

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TrackingAndSafetyMay 28, 2024

It is impossible for one to accurately predict when a hurricane, torrential rain, or flash floods will hit. However one can always prepare their personal or commercial vehicle so that it doesn’t sustain damages. All one would have to do is follow the tips mentioned below.

Seal up all openings in your vehicle

A vehicle has a lot of openings and crevices that are sealed using weather-proof rubber seals. Over time, these seals break down and their ability to keep the elements from entering the vehicle diminishes.

For the best results, use GPS tracking devices to track maintenance intervals. In this way, your preferred car tracking device will let you ensure that you never miss a maintenance appointment. When your vehicle is at the service center, ask the experts to inspect the weather seals of your vehicle. Additionally, ensure that the brittle weather seals are replaced with new ones. In this way, even while driving in torrential rain, water will not enter your vehicle.

Inspect the vehicle

You can use GPS tracking devices to track maintenance intervals. Additionally, the vehicle tracking devices can also be used as follows.

You can use the diagnostic trouble codes generated by your preferred tracking device to track the many electromechanical systems of your vehicle. For instance, you can learn whether all the cylinders in your vehicle’s engine are firing or not.

Keep detailed notes and if possible take pictures before the severe weather event hits your location. In this way, you can file for insurance claims if your vehicle gets damaged, without facing any issues.

Keep the tires and the spare tire inflated to OEM specifications

Keep the tires and the spare tire of your vehicle inflated as per the OEM specifications. It is not only one of the best ways to drive safely during the fall season but also in all weather conditions. Additionally, you can use a vehicle tracker to track the overall fuel consumption of your vehicle. You would witness that your vehicle is consuming less fuel thanks to properly inflated tires. Additionally, properly inflated tires would ensure that your vehicle will have enhanced traction whether it’s driving through slushy or drenched roads.

Park the vehicle in a covered parking space

You can drive safely during the fall season by using a GPS tracking device for your car in a bid to track the safest routes. Additionally, you can also use a tracking device to identify the nearest covered and elevated parking spaces. A covered parking space can keep your vehicle safe from hailstorms. Hailstorms wreak havoc on all metallic surfaces of a vehicle. Additionally, hailstorms can also break windshields as well as headlights and tail lights. If you do not want your vehicle to sustain such damages then park it in a covered parking space before severe weather events strike your location.

Don’t forget to protect the windshield of the vehicle

The winter season is pretty hazardous for vehicle owners. However, you can stay safe on the road during festive seasons by ensuring the route mapping feature of your preferred fleet tracking device is turned on. Additionally, ensure that the front windshield of your vehicle is free from scratches. You can keep scratches from your vehicle’s front windshield by placing the floor mats of your car on them. In this way, you would not have to scrape snow from the glass surface. And when you do not scrape snow from the glass surface, it will not get scratched. A scratched glass surface would frost up quickly and would make it hazardous for you to drive the vehicle.

Ensure that the vehicle battery is in its prime condition

You have mastered the 4-second driving rule and have made sure that your business vehicle is equipped with the best OBD tracker for fleet.

However, you forgot to keep the battery of your vehicle in its prime operational condition. Every electrical and mechanical system of a modern vehicle relies on its onboard battery. Hence, you need to ensure the overall health of your vehicle’s battery is in its prime health. Fail to ensure this and you may not be able to start the vehicle again if it stalls in the middle of a blizzard!

Scary, right!?

Avoid driving through low-lying roads

The global climate is changing. Hence, it will not be a surprise if you witness that the elements are against you in the middle of a festive season. Even in the middle of a severe weather event, you can stay safe on the road during festive seasons if you have mastered proper braking habits.

And to do that, you have to ensure that your vehicle’s braking system is in its prime operational condition. All you have to do is track vehicle maintenance schedules using the best GPS tracking devices.

Additionally, ensure that you are actively avoiding driving on roads passing through low-lying areas during the rainy season. The reason is simple. These roads will be the first to get flooded during flash flood events. And flash floods can wash your vehicle away with you in it!

It is as simple as that.

Don’t forget to keep your vehicle’s insurance up-to-date

Apart from following the tips mentioned above, ensure that your vehicle’s insurance policy is up-to-date. You need to ensure this especially before the bad weather days hit your location. In this way, your vehicle will be covered if it gets damaged due to a severe weather event. Additionally, don’t forget to take the vehicle to the service center even if it is running properly. This will ensure the eradication of underlying issues with the vehicle and render it safe for driving in all seasons.