How to increase the life of your car’s brake pads?
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How to increase the life of your car’s brake pads?

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TrackingAndSafetyMay 25, 2024

The brake pads of modern vehicles have long operational lives. However, they do wear out at a certain mileage. Additionally, the operational life of brake pads can also reduce depending on driver actions.

With that stated, let's dive right into the topic where we will share a few ways one can use to increase the life of their car’s brake pads.

Slow and steady wins the race

One of the best ways to drive safely during the fall season or in any other season for that matter is to drive slowly, safely, and steadily.

For instance, you can always ensure that you are driving your vehicle in the 60 to 90 miles per hour range, whether it’s the city or Route 66!

If you are having a hard time keeping track of your overall driving habits then you can install a car tracking device.

But why drive slowly?

Well, driving at controllable speeds ensures that the brake pads in your car don’t get subjected to extreme levels of friction and friction-generated heat.

The outcome is that the brake pads won't wear down rapidly and you won’t have to change them periodically.

Engine braking…..anyone!?

Whether you are driving your car downhill, hauling an empty trailer, or driving a semi-truck laden with an oversized load, use engine braking.

Engine braking can be engaged in both manual transmission and automatic transmission vehicles. However, in automatic transmission cars, one would have to engage the manual mode. When engine braking is used in tandem with the braking system of a vehicle, the latter is subjected to less stress. And when a mechanical system is subjected to less stress, it will need fewer replacements and repairs.

One can also make sure that their private or commercial vehicle is equipped with the latest vehicle tracking devices.


Well, you can use GPS tracking devices to track maintenance intervals and at the same time, choose routes with fewer climbs and descends.

Maintaining the braking system is essential

Use the vehicle service reminders your preferred vehicle tracker installed in your car generates to avoid missing maintenance appointments.

And when your vehicle is in the service center, ask the technician to clean the brake pads, the brake rotors and check the brake lines. Properly maintaining the braking system of your vehicle ensures that you won’t have to press hard on the brake pedal. This will ensure that the brake lines, the rotors, and the brake pads are not subjected to extreme stress.

On top of this, you can always practice safe and efficient braking habits like cadence braking. Cadence braking not only prolongs the life of brake pads but also can help you stay safe on the road during festive seasons.

Heavy unwanted stuff should be out of the car!

Use the data from your preferred GPS tracking device for car and track how much fuel your vehicle is consuming. If you see that your vehicle is consuming a lot of fuel, chances are high that your vehicle has a lot of unwanted loads inside its passenger cabin. Additional weight increases the overall weight of the vehicle. And a heavy vehicle will need more braking force to stop every time.

You can also reduce the number of times you brake harshly. One of the best ways to reduce instances of harsh braking is to master the 4-second driving rule. The 4-second driving rule is a great way to learn proper braking discipline and always maintain a safe distance from other motorists.

There’s another way to increase the life of brake pads

You can also extend the operational life of your vehicle’s brake pad. And that is by developing the habit of defensive driving. Defensive driving is simply keeping your eyes peeled for people making stupid mistakes on the road. For instance, if you have mastered defensive driving, you will be able to anticipate when that erratic driver in front of your car will change lanes without turning on the blinker of their car.

Defensive driving will help you exert less stress on your vehicle’s brakes. Additionally, the brake pads will also last for a long time.

With that stated, in case you want the brake pads on your delivery vehicles to last for a long time, there’s another way. You can rely on the vehicle service reminders generated by a fleet tracking device.

On top of this, an OBD tracker for fleet would also allow you to keep a clear record of when you changed the brake pads. In case you witness that the brake pads are not lasting as long as they should then you can look for underlying issues. All you have to do is use the vehicle health monitoring feature of fleet trackers

Neat, isn’t it!?