How does a GPS anti theft tracking device protect your car?
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How does a GPS anti theft tracking device protect your car?

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smarketingMarch 12, 2024

This era is dominated by technology. Life has become easy thanks to services and products of convenience. However, technological advancements also made it easy for thieves to steal vehicles. Vehicle theft is steadily rising in the US. However, if you are an informed vehicle owner, you should equip your vehicle with an anti theft device today!

Why should you invest in an anti theft solution like Vyncs GPS tracker?

Well, Vyncs trackers have been identified as one of the a best anti-theft car tracking device?.

As for the reasons why you should invest in an anti theft solution, you’d need to read the following sections.

But before that, let us first understand what exactly an anti theft device is.

What is an anti theft device?

An anti-theft device for a car is a mechanism that a private or fleet vehicle owner can install later in their vehicle. Anti theft devices prevent unauthorized access and unauthorized towing. At the same time, these devices let vehicle owners to easily track their stolen or towed away vehicles.

What are the various kinds of vehicle anti theft devices?

There are several kinds of anti theft devices for cars and fleet vehicles.

Some of the most popular options are as follows.

  • One of the most effective ways to deter car thieves is to invest in a GPS anti theft device. These devices offer more than GPS tracking to vehicle owners. For instance, vehicle owners can keep tabs on their vehicle when it is parked. How? Well, solutions like a Vyncs real-time vehicle tracking device uses cellular technology. These devices pings the real-time location of the vehicle it is protecting.
  • One can also select GPS tracking systems with built-in features like GPS anti theft feature. In case of theft, the police can use location data of the stolen vehicle and quickly retrieve it. Tracking systems can also help catch vehicle thieves.
  • Another car anti theft device is the steering wheel lock. These devices are attached to the steering wheel of a vehicle in a bid keep thieves from steering it.
  • Almost all new cars in the US do come with a standard alarm. However, older vehicles do not have alarms installed in them from the factory. In case you own an old private or commercial vehicle, retrofit it with an alarm today. Your vehicle will flash its headlamps, blinkers and horn when someone attempts to break into your car.
  • You can make your vehicle hot-wire proof by installing immobilizers.
  • You can also install a hidden fuel supply kill switch to prevent thieves from even starting your vehicle.
  • You can also retrofit your vehicle with tamper-proof hood locks to keep thieves from accessing the engine compartment.

Why criminals target vehicles?

Here’s why criminals target private vehicles

Criminals target private vehicles for the following reasons -

  • Certain models have a high demand in the used car market.
  • The spare parts of certain vehicles fetch a lot of money in the gray market.

Here’s why criminals target commercial vehicles

Criminals target commercial vehicles for the following reasons -

  • To steal expensive cargo.
  • To steal expensive retrofitted equipment within the fleet vehicle.
  • It is easier to remain undetected in a cargo vehicle parking lot.

Deter vehicle theft with GPS trackers

Vehicle theft is a menace. The worrying part is that the rate of this crime is increasing in the US. Hence, it makes sense for vehicle owners to invest in appropriate countermeasures. For instance, a device offers features like geofencing, real time tracking, etc. In simple words, a GPS anti theft device will let you know the exact location of your vehicle at all times. Trackers not only deter thieves but also enable swift recovery of stolen vehicles.

Additionally, anti theft solutions like a Vyncs connected car device offer vehicle owners peace of mind.


Well, features like gas station evaluation allow you to keep a tab on your fuel expenses. You can buy fuel from gas stations that offer high quality fuel at competitive rates. Then there is the benefit of tracking the overall health of your vehicle by tracking engine fault codes. You can also track how you or your fleet drivers are driving the vehicles. With driver behavior monitoring, vehicle maintenance and running costs will also come down.

Impressed yet?

Vehicle GPS trackers offer a lot of benefits other than tracking!

Vehicle GPS trackers offer a lot of benefits other than tracking.

For instance, solutions like Vyncs fleet management offer fleet vehicle owners features like tamper alerts. In simple words, in case the tracking device has been plugged in after it was removed, a push notification will be sent. This feature is beneficial to identify drivers that use the vehicle assigned to them for personal errands.

Parents - you can track your teens if the family car is taken outside the geofence you set for the vehicle.

Reputed vehicle protection solutions like a Vyncs device use real time location and geofencing data together as an anti theft measure. Similarly, if you set a geofence around your vehicle’s parking area and the vehicle was towed, you will be notified.

You can also use a tracker to plan your routes and avoid rush hour traffic. In this way, you will save a lot of time, fuel and money every time you take your vehicle out.

Then there are devices that offer road side assistance as a premium feature. If your vehicle is stuck in the middle of nowhere, you can rely on your tracking solution and call for help.

Use these tips and keep your car or fleet vehicles safe

  • Install anti theft solutions like Vyncs vehicle tracker in your private or commercial vehicle
  • Hide the anti-theft device to keep drivers from unplugging it. A concealed device also makes it hard for a car thief to find it and disable it.
  • Turn on the real-time GPS tracking feature in the companion app your tracking device provider has offered.
  • Track your fleet drivers. Ensure that they are not driving your vehicles outside the geofences you have created.
  • Keep your vehicles away from high-risk zones.

The smart way to protect your car against theft

If you don’t want your car or your fleet vehicle to be stolen then invest in GPS anti theft solutions today. Modern GPS trackers do more than connect families and businesses with their vehicles. Deterring vehicles thefts and retrieving stolen vehicles are easy thanks to features like real time tracking, tamper alerts and geofencing.

However, there is a catch!

You would have to make sure that the GPS tracker you bought is easy to use and install. Additionally, choose a device that comes with no monthly fees and offers at least a risk-free trial period. In short, do a bit of research before investing your hard-earned money on an anti theft solution for your vehicle.