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Top Fleet Management Mistakes You Can Avoid With A Fleet Tracker.

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smarketingDecember 22, 2023

It's as if managing drivers and staff members isn't challenging enough for fleet managers - they also have to deal with the daily responsibilities. To be precise, these people always have more than enough on their plates to deal with, including buying new vehicles, scheduling maintenance, controlling fuel costs, ensuring compliance with government rules and regulations, and developing safety programs. They must do these and more while attempting to increase efficiency and profitability and staying within established budgets.

With so many responsibilities to juggle, the logistics aspect tends to become complex, and due to this complexity, mistakes are inevitable. These errors can frustrate the management teams and employees while being costly and time-consuming.

How do you prevent making these mistakes in your fleet operation? First, you need to acknowledge the mistakes.

Let's look at some of the most common mistakes of fleet managers and the best ways of preventing them.

Improper route planning

Route inefficiency leads to fuel and time wastage and delayed deliveries. Telematics technology makes it easy to plan the most efficient routes, track the routes, and even modify them, which, in turn, leads to significant savings in fuel and time. It can even make customers happy and compel them to stay with you in the long run.

Gaps in communication

Bringing every employee on the same page means eliminating jumbled messages, regardless of the roles played. Considering this fact, managers must hold staff meetings regularly with the whole team to review priorities and goals, high-level items, and company news. Managers should also schedule one-on-one meetings regularly between employees and their overseers to encourage open communication and feedback. Doing so provides workers with a voice and makes them feel important. At the same time, the fleet itself can be made more efficient. How?

By making fleet drivers use efficient vehicle route planning features available with the latest fleet trackers. In this way, meeting deadlines will become easy. At the same time, failed or delayed deliveries will be a thing of the past.

Not adhering to preventative maintenance schedules

Not conducting routine maintenance will cost you in the long run due to downtime from breakdowns. However, you can use a telematics tool, such as a fleet GPS tracker, which can notify you when maintenance is due. It can support you in keeping maintenance schedules on track. Certain GPS trackers offer scheduling features to help optimize your fleet schedules. In short, GPS trackers help enhance the productivity of your fleet and your fleet drivers.

Not enough training

Never assume your employees are capable of doing more than they know. It becomes a costly assumption sooner rather than later. Your organizational performance depends on them.

Therefore, take the necessary steps to make your employees the best they can be. Correct training such as making fleet drivers understand primary GPS mapping software benefits should be made mandatory.

Provide your employees with training programs and ongoing education. This will ensure your fleet drivers are familiar with vehicle health monitoring solutions thereby enhancing the overall productivity of your fleet.

Wrong decisions in outsourcing

Many businesses lack the internal resources to cover all areas of responsibilities, which makes outsourcing necessary. One must be cautious and think deeply about what to outsource or retain.

Outsourcing the wrong tasks will prove to be costly and drain productivity. The best thing to do is to outsource cheaper administrative and clerical chores and keep all higher-level core tasks in-house. Additionally, using efficient fleet management solutions like geo-fencing controls for enhanced security can help a business keep its fleet vehicles safe. How?

For instance, if your business runs an armored vehicle fleet, you would not need to outsource security service for the vehicles. Just use geo-fences to keep your vehicles out of high-risk routes. At the same time, you can keep your armored vehicles away from the turfs of your aggressive rivals.

Forgiving repeat offenders

Indeed, everyone deserves a second chance, but you will make a costly mistake if you let making mistakes become the rule. How much you like an employee personally doesn't matter. You need to cut them loose if their performance drops below par constantly. The best solution is to avoid exceptions since one usually leads to another. For the best results, use trackers offering features like real-time reporting for fleet managers. In this way, you will be able to weed out inefficient drivers and repeat offenders.

Recruitment mistakes

Sometimes, people hire recruits as it seems to be the only solution, especially if their company is understaffed. Then again, this strategy affects the morale and productivity of the existing team.

After all, one bad apple spoils the entire bunch because this new employee may be uncooperative or ineffective.

Hiring decisions will become much more effective when resumes are reviewed and then interviews are set. Remember to check references and be sure to keep the recruitment effort organized. Taking the time and putting in the effort is required to hire quality employees.

Sharing excess information

The best step is to keep things simple in the regular reports that are sent to upper management. Don't include unnecessary data and details that you get from devices like a Vyncs fleet GPS module. Just focus on the primary takeaways. If you do that, you will save time for anyone who has to read your report. Additionally, the more info you include in the report, the more the readers have to dissect and fix any mistakes or errors.

No innovation, change, or adaptation

You get the opposite of what you hope to achieve if you don't embrace change. The same thing occurs when one fails to create new solutions to keep the fleet business running. Technology improvements happen almost daily. For instance, these days fleet managers reduce downtime through telematics and actionable intelligence. Staying aware of new solutions like a Vyncs fleet vehicle tracker and software available will readily benefit your fleet business.

Policy enforcement

The most successful fleet businesses have clear-cut policies containing rules all employees must follow. A successful policy such as using Vyncs GPS vehicle tracking must be a live document that should be updated whenever the fleet needs change. Failing to create and enforce this policy may increase costs and jeopardize safety. If you don't have one, you must develop it immediately. If you have one, make sure every employee knows and follows it. Update it whenever necessary. A fleet policy is a pocket-friendly initiative with multiple benefits for fleet managers.

Trackers make the lives of fleet managers easy

Managing fleet vehicles is never easy. A few mistakes can cost your business a lot of money and damage its reputation. All of this can be avoided by fleet managers by using Vyncs fleet vehicle tracking devices. Vyncs fleet tracker, for example, supports multiple vehicles. Additionally, you will be notified with new GPS data every sixty seconds. In this way, you can track fuel costs, facilitate custom dispatch management, etc. In a nutshell, fleet management gets easy with GPS trackers.