A Connected Car Solution Can Build & Bolster Good Driving Habits In Teens - Learn How
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A Connected Car Solution Can Build & Bolster Good Driving Habits In Teens - Learn How

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smarketingNovember 23, 2022

Human beings, especially teenagers, don’t like to be monitored. However, when parents do that responsibly and engage the kids through discussions about driver safety, they often respond positively. After all, when monitoring is not perceived as an infringement of privacy but rather a reflection of love and care, we usually enjoy and welcome that.

However, monitoring kids every time they drive is not easy. Parents have busy schedules. They do not always have the time to accompany their kids when they drive. The Vyncs GPS tracking device will come in handy during times like these. When you cannot ride along, it is definitely the next best thing to have because it remains connected not only to the car but also, optionally, to mobile devices. One could also make a case for having Vyncs onboard even when you are riding along with your teenage driver since it helps store and analyze driving data with little effort.

For instance, you can use it to create a “curfew time" window during which you will not entertain your teenage children’s demands or requests to drive for their safety. You will get a “curfew hour notification" on your phone, tablet, or PC if they attempt to turn on the engine during this time. They will have access to the keys and the privileges you provide them with before this curfew period.

In short, you can monitor your teenage kids and learn everything about their driving behavior.

The Perks of Observing

About thirteen years ago, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) studied the driving capabilities of eighty-four drivers in Washington D.C. aged between sixteen and seventeen using monitoring gadgets.

After running the analysis for twenty-four weeks, the researchers determined that the automobiles outfitted with these devices rolled down the streets differently. The drivers made fewer risky moves compared to the vehicles without the monitoring devices.

Another study in 2015 took place at the HumanFIRST Laboratory of the University of Minnesota. As expected, the conclusion was the same. Three hundred teens participated in this field test that lasted twelve months and studied the effects of real-time driving monitoring.

The conductors of the analysis even informed the parents before their kids stepped out of line for any reason. Like the previous test, teenagers who realized they were under the lens of their parents did not overspeed.

Unsupervised drivers drove faster than the acceptable limit between ten and fifteen percent of the driving period, whereas only one percent of the monitored drivers crossed the velocity threshold.

Now, it is time to delve into the benefits of using an OBD2 GPS tracker.

Following the Vehicle

Onboard diagnostics devices gather data every second, analyze it, and transfer it to your cloud account via a wireless network. As you can probably guess, you will be able to keep your eyes digitally fixed on your teenage kid if you wanted to. You don't have to be physically present inside the automobile to do it.

Staying in the Loop

Our device lets users create “Geofences" from their accounts. In a way, they can mark the area they want their teenage kids to stay within. If they exit this zone, you will know instantly. As opposed to other products, we can provide you with a much more powerful “Geofencing" system that lets you create polygonal shapes instead of just circular ones.

Polygonal “Geofences" allows the user to map out a location of interest instead of relying on a generalized area’s beacon to run everything. The polygonal “Geofence" variant ensures that you can acquire data only from a place that interests you. It is also more customizable than the centroid type.

Determining the Way they Drive

What if you had a way to know when the driver accelerates rapidly and crosses the predetermined limit? It is a common occurrence among teenagers, followed by harsh braking. Speed is thrilling to them, and rough braking becomes their only recourse for avoiding mishaps. Both are detrimental to the car and unsafe.

With our device connected to the automobile, you will receive notifications of these instances in a matter of seconds. Our speeding histogram displays the amount of time the driver spends in a specific speed above the threshold for extended periods.

Timely Problem Solving

Once connected to the car, our device will accumulate code-based data associated with any problems accessible only via the OBDII port. You will be the first to know everything that happens to the automobile by using it. Armed with this information, you can take the right action at the appropriate moment.

Whether the driver of the vehicle is aware of the issue or not, you’ll be timely informed.

Product Selection

Whether you need the tracking device for yourself or your teenage kid, you will inevitably have to handle the product selection. You will want to make an informed decision here - something the following pointers can help you with.

Ease of Installation

Tracking devices built for the OBDII port, such as the one we offer, are easy to install. Most people don’t need professional support but feel free to do so if you believe you require it. Ease of installation is, undoubtedly, the first point of consideration.


The next thing you need to look into is whether the device will work with the car you own or not. While OBD and other similar connected car devices are compatible with various vehicles, there are never any guarantees regarding suitability.

Therefore, remember to check with the brand and manufacturer.

Rate of Battery Drainage

OBD systems, like car alarms, can drain a significant amount of battery. It is probably a concern to you as much as it is to many others. After installation, the battery can be under constant strain, no matter how insignificant. Eventually, it will wear out the power source.

Instead of choosing a product arbitrarily, you should go for one that has a “power conservation mode" or “sleep mode." The device will enter the power-saving phase as soon as the driver shuts off the engine, which will reduce the pressure exerted on the car battery. Usually, during this phase, the best trackers drain not more than 5mA.

Device Capabilities

When it comes to vehicle monitoring and security, every device will exhibit different abilities. Naturally, you must determine the types of information the device will monitor before you decide anything.

These machines, including the one we have created, can gauge driver behavior, overall vehicle health, speed, and several others as soon as you connect them to the OBDII port.

Wrapping it up

Teenagers display eagerness and urgency to earn their parents’ trust and confidence. After all, it is the only way they can secure more driving privileges than they already enjoy. They will go to any lengths to avoid losing the car keys for a while.

You can enforce the predetermined driving norms and reinforce the importance of developing appropriate driving habits by using Vyncs. This strategy is profoundly more effective than punishing the kid.