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10 ways to get the best GPS tracker for your car in 2024

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smarketingMarch 01, 2024

Every modern car available in the US comes equipped with infotainment systems. GPS-based navigation is one of the primary uses of an infotainment system in a modern car.

However, the GPS connection of a car’s infotainment system cannot be used to track the vehicle. Taking note of this void in the market, countless brands introduced GPS-based trackers to the US market. The outcome is that, currently the market is flooded with cheap trackers that don’t necessarily work as they should.

So what should you do when you finally decide to install a GPS car monitoring device like Vyncs OBD GPS tracker on your car?

This blog in the following sections will try to answer the above question. However, before getting into that, let’s learn what a tracker is. We will also discuss why it is recommended for you to install a vehicle tracking device in your car.

What is a GPS tracker?

A GPS tracker is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to locate and track a person, vehicle or asset.

A GPS tracker is not the same as the GPS navigation system in your car

Do not confuse the GPS navigation system you got in your car from the factory with modern GPS trackers.

A GPS tracker like Vyncs GPS tracker for cars is typically used for intelligent vehicle management. The GPS navigation-enabled infotainment system of your car simply lets you reach your destination quickly (and safely).

Is it true that all cars in the US are equipped with trackers from the factory?

Well, every car in the US comes with GPS navigation-enabled infotainment systems. These infotainment systems simply use the GPS for navigation purposes. Real-time location tracking is not possible with the infotainment systems of modern cars.

However, the future of vehicle telematics with a new generation of devices like Vyncs vehicle tracker is here. This is why all modern cars collect vehicle performance data such as braking, accelerations, gear shifts, etc. The above-mentioned data points are collected in modern cars for maintenance purposes. Car manufacturers also collect relevant data through the onboard computers of modern cars to keep owners from violating the warranties on their cars.

With that, we have (almost) covered everything that you need to know about car GPS trackers. Now, it is time to learn how you can choose the best GPS tracker for your car.

Choosing the best GPS tracker for your car

Countless brands offer trackers for cars. You will have options in terms of devices, features as well as subscription packages. To put it all in short, you might feel confused. Avoid the noise and buy the connected car management solution like Vyncs car tracker offering the loudest bang for your buck. To do that, you should shortlist the tracker that comes with the following features.

1. Real-time vehicle tracking

The best GPS car tracking device will offer you a real-time vehicle tracking feature. What is that, you ask? Well, real-time GPS car tracking lets you check where your car is at any time. You can also track the details of every road trip you take with your friends and family.

Is your work route becoming unbearable due to rush hour traffic? You can use a tracker like Vyncs GPS vehicle tracking device to plan your route. Is your car used by other members of your family? Get alerts every time the car enters or exits a zone you have created for your car such as work, home or school.

The best car tracking device would also alert you the moment your car is moved from its original position. For instance, if your car is towed away or stolen, you can share the notification data with the authorities. In this way, vehicle recovery becomes easy.

2. Select a device that is easy to use

The best tracker brand would spend a lot of its resources and time to make an easy-to-use GPS tracker. But what makes a tracker easy to use? Well, how about getting a vehicle tracker that offers lifetime device assurance, a risk-free trial period and an easy setup? Whichever tracker you finally choose to buy, make sure that the device is easy to use and setup.

3. Choose a tracker offering a complete connected car experience

What does a complete connected car experience mean?

Well, a tracker that offers a complete connected car experience would let you keep track of your car’s fault codes. Top GPS trackers for cars will also notify you if you miss an appointment with your car mechanic.

The latest generation of vehicle trackers made by the best brands would also remind you to rotate your car tires. You would also get notifications for brake pad replacements and cabin air filter replacements.

That is not all. There are GPS tracker brands out there that would also notify their customers the moment a car brand initiates a recall drive!

Amazing! Isn’t it?

4. A device that is IoT-ready

Make sure that your money is spent on IoT-ready trackers.

What is IoT?

IoT is short for the Internet of Things. IoT is an umbrella term for devices that are connected to the internet in some way or the other.

Why you should get a tracker that is IoT-ready?

With an IoT-ready GPS tracker like a Vyncs GPS vehicle tracker, you will be able to get notifications through your smartwatch. You can also get audible notifications through your digital home assistants (Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home).

Convenient, don’t you think?

5. Does the device offer Road Side Assistance?

Road Side Assistance comes to your aid when your car breaks down. You can also avail of RSA when your car’s battery is dead. RSA also feels like a boon in the case of a flat tire. If your car doesn’t have an inflated spare tire or you don’t know how to change a tire, RSA is handy.

You would be surprised to know that leading car tracking device brands offer RSA as an additional feature to their customers. So, make sure that the tracking device you are buying offers RSA as a standard or premium feature.

6. The best tracker lets you save money!

Trackers are available that notify vehicle owners in real time how much fuel is left in their vehicle’s fuel tank. Fuel consumption and money spent on fuel purchases can also be tracked using the best GPS trackers. The best tracker lets you save money by planning a route for a trip that has minimal traffic or signals.

7. Choose the tracker that promotes preventative maintenance

Spend your hard-earned money on a tracker that compels you to take your car for periodic preventative maintenance.

What is that?

Preventative maintenance is the process of taking your car to the service center even when it has not broken down.

Why cars should be subjected to preventative maintenance sessions?

Well, through preventative maintenance, small issues in your car can be solved on time. In this way, your car will become extremely reliable.

It is as simple as that!

8. Do you let your teen drive your car? Install a tracker today!

Why tracking a teen driver is important? The reason is simple. Connected car solutions can build & bolster good driving habits in teens. The best GPS trackers would send notifications to you during every harsh braking and rapid acceleration event.

In this way, your teen child will become a more responsible and disciplined driver. At the same time, your car’s life will increase and its running cost will decline.

9. Easy geofence management

Make sure that the tracker you are selecting lets you easily set up, manage and modify a geofence. For instance, a Vyncs GPS vehicle tracker lets its users create a geofence using a polygon. In simple words, a Vyncs geofence doesn’t have a specified shape.

What is a geofence?

A geofence is a virtual fence you are setting up for your family car or commercial vehicle. Every time your car enters or exits a geofence that you have set, you will get a push notification

What is the benefit of a geofence?

Well, you can make sure your teen driver is not going too far with the family car. Additionally, if you are using a tracker for your business vehicle, you can keep the driver and the vehicle away from the turfs of your rivals.

Neat, isn't it?

10. How about a tracker that lets you evaluate gas stations?

The leading brands in the car GPS tracker sector are now offering unique features like gas station evaluation. What is this?

Gas station evaluation lets car owners identify the gas stations where gas is relatively cheap. On top of this, with the above-mentioned feature, car owners can also identify the gas stations where the quality of gas is top-notch. Just think about it!

Car GPS Trackers Are Convenient And Offer Peace Of Mind

Installing a tracker on your car is a necessity, not a luxury. However, if you fail to select the best tracker brand, you might not get the features that you paid for. This is the reason why a bit of research is necessary in this matter. Don’t you agree?