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From location tracking to driver safety monitoring and vehicle health reports, Vyncs car GPS tracker uses powerful onboard and in-cloud distributed data management and analytics platforms to access vehicle sensor data and provide actionable intelligence.

Vehicle protection

Deter thieves and prevent unauthorized towing

Vyncs real-time vehicle GPS tracker with anti-theft feature. Real time vehicle tracking deters thieves. Geofence prevents unauthorized towing. Get notified when vehicle is moved from its parking space. Affordable and scalable plans are available. Start your Free 30 day Trial today!


Everything You Need, All in One

Vyncs connected vehicle management system takes your cars and drivers online and into the connected world. Includes 1 Vyncs Link GPS Tracker for Car 4G LTE device, 1 year of service, 1 SIM card, 1 year of data plan on AT&T and T-Mobile network in the USA (nothing to do with your Android/iOS device's data plan).


One year of free services. No contract.
Supports 200+ countries

If you are outside of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, please contact us
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Vyncs 4G+ GPS Car Tracker

Vyncs connected vehicle management system takes cars and drivers online and into the connected world. Connected vehicle technology defines the future of mobility.

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Frequently asked questions

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Does Vyncs Basic 4G+/Premium 4G+/Pro 4G+/Fleet 4G+ GPS car tracking device have a monthly service fee?


No. Vyncs Basic 4G+/Premium 4G+/Pro 4G+/Fleet 4G+ GPS car tracking device do not have a monthly service fee.

What are the differences among Vyncs Basic 4G+, Vyncs Premium 4G+, Vyncs Pro 4G+ and Vyncs Fleet 4G+ car locators?


Click here for a detailed comparison of all of our car locator products!

Can I get Real Time GPS tracking with Vyncs Basic 4G+, Vyncs Premium 4G+, or Vyncs Fleet 4G+ car tracking device?


Yes! The Vyncs connected vehicle device plugs into the OBD-II port of your vehicle. That means the device sends data to your account as the vehicle is driven. How fast it sends data updates depends on which product you have. Great thing about Vyncs is every device collects and analyzes data every second regardless of which Vyncs product you have. Vyncs Basic 4G+/Premium 4G+/Fleet 4G+ car tracking device samples GPS updates every 60 seconds and send the data together to your account every 3 minutes while the engine is running. Vyncs Pro 4G+ car tracking device samples GPS data every 20 seconds and sends updates together every 60 seconds. Update upgrades are available for any of these products. If you would like the map to automatically refresh itself, then you will need the Auto Refresh upgrade. Vyncs Pro car tracker also comes with this map auto refresh feature. For more information on these upgrades and pricing, please click here.

What is the actual size of the Vyncs GPS car tracking device?


The Vyncs is a tiny but powerful telematics device. The actual size of the Vyncs device is 0.9 x 1.9 x 2.4 inches; Weight: 2.2 ounces.

Does Vyncs car locator device and driver monitoring product support unlimited data storage?


Yes, with Vyncs, your data is stored for as long as you have a valid subscription. Most of the other GPS car trackers store data for 30-90 days period.

Does Vyncs car locator device and driver monitoring product cost extra?


No, we do not charge anything extra for the Vyncs device. Each plan (except Vyncs Mo) includes a device, SIM card, one year of data plan, and year of free services. For the pricing, please visit our page here.

Do I receive an alert if the device is unplugged or unwired?


Yes. If your device has been plugged back into your car’s OBD2 port after being removed, get immediate tamper alerts on your phone and web account.

Can it be used as a hidden GPS Car tracker?


Yes, Vyncs is a tiny device, it can be used as a hidden GPS car tracker. Please keep in mind in many states and countries, the owner of the car needs to know the placement of the GPS device according to the law. So, please check your local law if you are planning to hide the GPS tracker.

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