Vyncs Billing Summary

When do I get billed?
The credit card linked to your account will be charged on the date you first purchase the yearly services and once 365 days from the first billing date automatically. If Agnik does not have a valid card on file by renewal, your account will be suspended until we are able to renew your subscription. You will be contacted by email if we are unable to charge your credit card on the renewal date.
Where can I manage my account options?
You can manage your subscription and credit card settings by contacting us at techsupport@agnik.com
What if I have multiple vehicles in my account?
Just like your cell phone bill, all device subscriptions will be rolled into one renewal payment. When your earliest subscription is up for renewal, we will automatically renew all subscriptions under your account at the same renewal rate, for all vehicles. Copyright © Agnik, LLC. All rights reserved.