Sounds good. How about a GPS update rate of every 60 seconds (when the vehicle ignition is on) and a live map automatically refreshing location (we call it AutoRefresh)? Will that be sufficient or you need even faster GPS updates? You can get all these options in Vyncs and all Vyncs branded products at a very reasonable cost. Here are your options:

1. Buy VyncsMo or VyncsPro*. They both come with 60 seconds GPS update and map AutoRefresh by default. If you want faster GPS update rate then just purchase the upgrade from within your Vyncs web account. We currently do not support upgrade purchase from the smartphone apps since it adds additional cost to you.

2. Buy Vyncs or VyncsFleet or Vyncs Premium*. By default, Vyncs comes with once in 3 minutes GPS update. If you want “real time GPS” the you may purchase any of the following upgrades depending upon your requirement:

1. 60 second GPS update
2. 30 second GPS update
3. 15 second GPS update

You can find the upgrade pricing for Vyncs/Vyncs Premium from the following page: here

You can find the upgrade pricing for VyncsFleet from the following page: here

If you want the map to automatically refresh the screen then you should also get the Auto Refresh upgrade.

Most people buy the 60 second GPS update along with auto-refresh for real-time GPS which cost a total of $50/vehicle/year on top of the regular Vyncs price.

Vyncs Pro comes with 60 sec GPS and auto refresh. So, you may also buy Vyncs Pro up front if you want to avoid the trouble of buying upgrades separately once you have an account.

If you check the math, you will see that you can get real time GPS in Vyncs for a lot less cost.

* If you are wondering about the differences among Vyncs, Vyncs Premium, Vyncs Pro, Vyncs Fleet and VyncsMo then check out this page

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